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18 Jun

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Children & Youth Camping Manual

Hi everyone, Judy here and I campfire2am back with more information!

I am thrilled at the response we’ve been getting from my very first blog, one respondent asked for information on summer camp material; here is information on one of our most used camp resources.

Imagine it, June is over half done! Camp will have started for some, and others have to wait ‘til July or August. As a former teacher, youth leader and music director I would panic at the thought of planning and producing good quality, fun things to engage my “people” for the wonderful camp days ahead. But excellent camp material is available from DramaShare.

DramaShare has given many leaders and councillors amazing help in the form of a manual called “Joy In The Camp!” Such an assortment of skits, stories, jokes (lots & lots), rousing songs, human videos to be utilized! And if you are still stuck for ideas, live help from DramaShare is available 24/7, call toll-free 1-877-363-7262.

In “Joy In The Camp” you will also find a plethora of singable songs, improv situations, Bible stories with a message, campfire stories and so much more to put the “happy” in your campers. And all material carries a strong and relevant Christian message.

Many have also found this collection to be valuable for VBS, children’s stories in church and Sunday School. We have heard from parents who hold backyard children’s Bible studies and playtime who have used this manual extensively.

Sometimes all you need is an idea. “Joy In The Camp” can help. Give it a try, you’ll love it!

For more information, click here.


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