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25 Nov

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Giving Thanks?

On this eve of the USA Thanksgiving, my thoughts strayed to of course being thankful. I wanted to focus on the obvious reasons to say thanks but my heart had other ideas!
As non-membersa professional academic and music teacher I had a job to do. I liked to think I did my job well, to the best of my ability. I usually reached the goals I had set and my students responded in kind and were happy. As the teachers who are reading this know you usually dug deep into your talent and yes sometimes your pocket.
Wonderful feelings of accomplishment and thankful parents right? I wouldn’t know how far reaching that teaching was because I was rarely thanked!! I was just doing my job right? Yes I was and then some.
Of course I had smiles and thanks from the ones that I knew who would approach me. The others hurried to get to their cars. Was I expecting too much?
We have such an opportunity to show God’s love through our actions. When was the last time you complimented the person who was cleaning the restrooms in the mall?
The waitress that patiently took your order, the young man flipping burgers, the person that bagged your groceries?
My husband and I created DramaShare many years ago.
We keep our ministry going strictly through paid memberships. This membership allows churches. organizations and individuals to access and use all the scripts, tutorials, manuals and live chat help. Many times we are asked for free memberships. We grant as many as we can and are glad to do it. We gladly provide the means for some new ministries to learn how to share the Word with others. We often wonder how these new drama ministries are doing. You see we almost never hear from them! Not even a thank you. Should we expect it. Of course not, that’s not what we are about. But sometimes it would be nice.
Do we use God the same way? He gave His Son to us. How often do we thank Him?


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