Eve of Discovery Maundy Thursday approval script

  • Cast Number: 17
  • Run-time: 80 minutes
The Lord's Supper - Maundy Thursday drama. The set is the Upper Room, the area which was used to celebrate the Passover, with the table at upstage center, far enough back that it can be kept quite dark early in the drama.

It is a long, rectangular room, built upon the roof of the house, therefore the back set could have windows painted showing hillside scenes. An earthenware jar is in the upstage left corner of the room, from here Jesus will get the water to wash the feet of the disciples. At upstage center is a low table, at which all would recline on carpets or cushions, (or alternately a standard table and chairs can be used).

The initial action happens in the sanctuary aisles and at floor level in front of the stage, later the scene switches to the table area at upstage. The key is keeping the table area in darkness in the early stages of the drama, obscuring the movement as individual actors take their seats at the table following their opening lines. If it is not possible to keep the table area in darkness, you can alternatively make this a two act drama, with the second act beginning just before Jesus enters the sanctuary.


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