Woman Your Son sample

  • Cast Number: 18
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
Mary, the mother of Jesus, and John the disciple were instructed by Jesus at the cross to be “mother” and “son” to the other. Now years later they remember the birth of Jesus, and the life that lead to the cross. Along the way there are flashbacks where we meet the angel Gabriel, Joseph, the innkeeper and his wife, the wisemen, shepherds and a Roman soldier.
Useful for Christmas or any time of the year.
Bible Reference: those passages which refer to the birth and crucifixion of Jesus
Cast: 18+
16 speaking roles:
- Mary
- John
- Young Mary
- Joseph
- Angel Gabriel
- Innkeeper
- Innkeeper’s wife
- 3 shepherds
- 3 wisemen
- Roman soldier at the birth
- Roman soldier at the crucifixion
- woman at the crucifixion
2 offstage male voices:
- voice of Centurion
- voice of Jesus
as many crowd persons as available
Set: mainly a blank set except for the stable scene
The flashbacks can be on a separate stage, or on a part of the stage which is set aside by lighting, or can be behind a scrim
Lighting: at least one spot
a small light for the star

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