Behold the King2 approval

  • Cast Number: 35
  • Run-time: 127 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 1-2
a trilogy of dramas folded into a single comprehensive production. Each of the three is able to stand alone in completeness and message, or together they meld into one grand overview of the entire Christmas story. Act I, the first drama in the sequence, "Let Us Go with Him to Bethlehem" pictures the betrothal and reception of the Bride of Christ through the romance, engagement, marriage and trials of Joseph and Mary. Act II, "Unto You is Born This Day" centers on the virgin birth and signs pointing to the Word become flesh. Acts III and IV, "One Small King" is a drama of contrasts: Jesus Christ and Herod, prophecy and pedigree, Scripture and science, danger and deliverance. Individually or collectively they challenge our traditional notions of Christmas against the testimony of the exact truth of the Word of God.

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