The SS Zark

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 40 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis 6-8
Just For Kids!! The story of Noah, the ark, and . . . well, maybe the story has been changed a little bit from the original. Noah and his "Zark" and his wife, and his sons, and their wives, and a few thousand of their closest animal friends go fo a cruise.
Complete with original music, and awesome fun!
Ken Boggs, Burke Road Church in Texas said:
the Noah's Ark script is very cute. Perfect for what we're looking for. Thank you. It's a great day!!

Cast: 8 speaking parts and crowd scene
Uses a great deal of miming out action in the songs and also in the words.

Costumes: Standard, actors might wear a headband or decoration to show which animal they are

Sample of script

As drama opens, Zarky is miming that s/he is in the water, gently bobbing from side to side, arms outstretched.

Zarky: Mmm, ahhhh, what a lovely day to be a boat! Sun shining down, just a light breeze blowing across the water to keep me cool. Mmmmmm!

pause, looks up, then slowly down to shoulder as “bird lands on shoulder”

Zarky: Hi, Mrs. Sea Gull, looking fine today!
Zarky “notices the audience”, reacts
Zarky: Sorry, didn’t see you there! I’m the good ship SS Zark. But all my friends just call me Zarky. You can too, if you’d like. Was just resting here at anchor, in the water. Thinking about how lovely the day is.
Had a little rain shower little while ago. (takes deep breath) Mmmm, don’t you just love the smell of the fresh air after a rain!
(points up in the sky) See way up there? See God’s promise up there in the sky. (pause) You don’t know about God’s promise? (points up in the sky) See, the rainbow? Way up there. All of the beautiful colors! Well, that rainbow is God’s promise. God promised there would never send a flood again, and . . . . . Hey, maybe I could sing this song and tell you all about the rainbow? Ok, listen up here!

Zarky, sings:
God sent a sign.
It was a rainbow.
He knew in time
That we would understand.
High in the sky
His arc of promise
His love for us
Just keeps on flooding down.

Go build an ark
And make it sturdy
It’s gonna be so
Strong and so secure
And make it big
Just like God’s love is
His love for us
Just keeps on flooding down

God’s love for all
Be sure they know Him
Be sure they know
His awesome strength and care
So when they need
Someone to hold them
They see his love
Just keeps on flooding down

Zarky: You look confused. Don’t understand? You don’t know about the flood? The ark? You don’t? Hey, well look here, why don’t I maybe tell you the story, it’s right from the Bible you know!
(looks into audience, puzzled)
How do I know the story, you ask?
Well, it just so happens, (proudly) it was my grand, grand, grand, grand, grand, (pause), well, I’m not too sure just how many “grands’ back, but way back there, long time ago, an ancestor of mine, was the center of the story.
See, long, long time ago, there was this guy named Noah. He was in the Bible, and everything. ‘Cause, see, Noah was a really good man, and he obeyed God, just the same as we need to do.
Well, there was a lot of people doing very bad things, and God, he looked down and thought, I’m gonna destroy the earth and everything I’ve made, and then I’ll just start all over again. But then, God remembered about Noah and Noah’s family, and He thought, well, I can’t just go and destroy that family, they are very good people. So God talked to Noah and He explained how He was going to make the rain come and cover the whole world, and destroy everything. But God told Noah that He would protect Noah and his whole family. God told Noah to build a great big . . wait, lets let them tell their own story . .

Noah: Dear wife, sons, daughter-in-laws. I have some news. I have been talking to God today.
Wife: That’s nice, Noah. I’m so proud of you! What did God have to say?
Noah: God wants us to build a big boat. It is going to be made out of cypress wood, and it will be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high.
Shem: Well, that sounds good Dad, but, have you noticed, we don’t have any lakes or even good size puddles around here.
Japheth: Shem is right, Dad. Besides, we’ve never built a boat before, and we don’t have any cypress trees within, woooohoooo, long ways from here..
Ham: And, Dad, I wonder if this is wise, you starting to build such a large boat at your age, I mean, you’re 600 years old Pop.
Wife: You know, dear, what your sons have said actually makes sense. Think you should pass on this one?
Noah: Nope. God said. And besides, it’s our only hope. God told me he’s sending a flood.
Wife: A flood?
Noah: Yep. God plans to destroy the whole world and everything that’s on it.
Wife: You mean, like all animals?
Noah: Yep!
Wife: And reptiles?
Noah: That’s what He said.
Wife: But not people!
Noah: People are gonna be destroyed too!
Wife: Whatever shall we do?
Noah: Not a problem! Like I said, God has plan.

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