Sower and the Seeds2

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 13:1-23
Part 2 of a 5 part series, (suitable for VBS or children’s programs), on the parable of the Sower.
The reporters at CNN, (which in this case is Country Nature Network), are visiting with Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy about sowing seeds. And along comes a crow who is eating up the seeds. The reference is developing spiritual roots and having God’s love grow in us.
The series includes some original music lyrics.

6 (in this segment, additional character, Clarice the Crow, in some segments)
Wolf Blister, CNN Situation Room reporter
Stone Pastures, CNN Nature reporter
Sunny Flowers, CNN Agricultural reporter
Kermit the frog
Miss Piggy, the gorgeous pig
Clarice the crow

Set: TV studio, may be as elaborate or plain as you wish

Lighting: standard

Sound: This segment has a short song “I Got Beauty” written to the music of “I’ve Got Rhythm” . For a sample of the music do a search on Google.
Some other segments have music which is available to DramaShare members at the “TECHNICAL HELP” under “Script Songs”

Costumes: standard for CNN reporters, frog costume, pig costume and crow costume for Kermit and Miss Piggy and Clarice Crow (may be elaborate or basic)

Props: bag of seeds, books

Sample of script:

Kermit is broadcasting, spreading seeds, pauses, looks around, smiles, happy

Kermit: Wow! . . . This here is gonna be some crop! . . Can’t wait until these seeds start to grow. . . Betcha if we have some rain, lotsa sun we will have us a record crop here for sure.

Miss Piggy comes on stage, watches as Kermit continues sowing seeds

M Piggy: Mind telling me what you are doing there, Kermit?

Kermit: Doing? . . Why I would think it should be perfectly self-evident Miss Piggy, I am spreading seed in this here field.

M Piggy takes some seeds out of Kermit’s bag, examines them, tastes a few

M Piggy: This seed looks, tastes perfectly good.

Kermit: Is for sure, best seed on the market, for sure.

M Piggy: OK . . if this seed is so good, what for are you throwing it away?

Kermit: Throwing what away Miss Piggy, exactly?

M Piggy: The seed Kermit . . the seed that you are like grabbing handfuls of and throwing away all over this field, . . . when you could be like saving this great seed, maybe giving it to starving little people all over the world, to eat.

Kermit, shock: You want that I should give this seed away, . . let people just go and eat this precious seed?

M Piggy: Makes more sense than just to go and throw this here perfectly good seed on the ground out here! . . I will have you know that some of my relatives over in Hog Hollow are like going to bed hungry! . . Breaks my heart thinking of them, . . my nephew Pinky and my niece Pansy . . (starts to cry) . . breaks my heart for sure!

Kermit gives M Piggy a handkerchief, she blows nose loudly

Kermit: You actually got relatives go by the name of Pinky and Pansy Pig?

M Piggy: I got some pictures, can show you if you want.

Kermit: No, I’m OK . . . Just can’t quite get my mind around a pink pig actually.

M Piggy: Pinky’s folks sent him to Paris to pig finishing school and he got all artistic.

Kermit: Can happen I guess, even with a pig but . .

M Piggy: Let’s get back on track here, bug boy! . . . We were talking about why you are roaming around this field, tossing away this great seed. . .

Kermit, looks lovingly at handful of seed: It is absolutely gorgeous isn’t it? . . Why staring at this seed I am just . . speechless is what!

M Piggy: Don’t get out much do you Green Giant?

Wolf, Stone and Sunny come on stage

Kermit: Oh look, here’s the folks from Country Nature Network . . hey guys, how’s things in the biz?

M Piggy: “The biz”???

Kermit: Us folks in the media call it the biz.

M Piggy: Maybe you guys in the . . biz . . can figure out why the Green Gizmo here is tossing out perfectly good breakfast grub.

Kermit: Sowing Miss Piggy . . . sowing!

M Piggy: Whatever! . . Still amounts to throwing out good food.

Sunny: Planting seed Miss Piggy.

M Piggy: “Planting”? . . And the reason for that would be?

Stone: Well what Kermit is doing, as a good farmer, is seeding a crop, and in good time with lots of sun and rain, up from the ground will come a marvellous crop.

Wolf: Is it not amazing Stone, from just one tiny little seed will come dozens, perhaps hundreds of fine plump seeds!

Clarisse Crow comes on stage, leans over, picks up seed, eats, enjoying immensely
sings to tune of “I Got Rhythm” from “American in Paris”

I got beauty,
I got feathers,
I got snack food --
Who could ask for anything more?
I had hunger
So I ate more,
It’s de-lic-ous --
And I’m sure there’ll always be more!

Kermit, shock: Hey just one cotton-pickin’ minute here, you over-stuffed feather pillow!

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