Sower and the Seed1

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 13:1-23
Part 1 of a 5 part series, (suitable for VBS or children’s programs), on the parable of the Sower.
The reporters at CNN, (which in this case is Country Nature Network), are connecting with Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy to dig into just how and why we sow seeds. The reference is why does God plant seeds and how God’s love is a seed in each one of us.
The series includes some original music lyrics.

5 (in this segment, additional character, Clarice the Crow, in some segments)
Wolf Blister, CNN Situation Room reporter
Stone Pastures, CNN Nature reporter
Sunny Flowers, CNN Agricultural reporter
Kermit the frog
Miss Piggy, the gorgeous pig

Set: TV studio, may be as elaborate or plain as you wish

Lighting: standard

Sound: This segment has only a short song “She’s My Sunny Flower” written to the music of “She’s My Sunflower” by Mack David.
For a sample of the music do a search on Google.
Some other segments have music which is available to DramaShare members at the “TECHNICAL HELP” under “Script Songs”

Costumes: standard for CNN reporters, frog costume and pig costume for Kermit and Miss Piggy, (may be elaborate or basic)

Sample of script:

CNN Broadcast room

Stone and Sunny are at center stage, Wolf is sitting off to the side

Stone: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, thanks for tuning in to CNN, the Country Nature Network, I am your host, Stone Pastures. And a warm welcome to your co-host, Sunny Flowers.

Sunny: Good to be with you again Stone, another jam-packed program here on CNN, a busy day on the agriculture beat for sure. . . Starting off with the markets, what does your ticker tell you Stone?

Stone, hand over heart: Well, Sunny, fact is I have been having a few chest pains but I think it may be the extra salsa on my soft meat burrito down at Happy Hank’s Spiceorama at noon today . .

Sunny, embarrassed: Uhhh, no, wasn’t asking about your heart, Stone, I was referring to the stock markets.

Stone: Oh that . . of course . . well, fact is Sunny, beets are up, carrots are down, coleslaw is just kinda laying there.

Sunny, confused: Coleslaw? . . . Since when do we have a stock report for coleslaw?

Stone: You saying there should be no stock report for coleslaw?

Sunny pauses, holds hand to ear, holds up hand to silence Stone

Sunny: Folks we have to break away for late breaking news from the CNN Situation Room, here is Wolf Blister . . . Wolf?

to Situation Room set

Wolf: Thank you Sun Flowers . .

Sunny: That is . . Sunny Flowers, Wolf.

Wolf: Sorry about that Sun. . . We wanted to bring our listeners up to speed on late developments in the Spring Planting arena. . . As you know Sun, all of our listeners have been riveted to their TV sets over this . ..

Stone: Stone Pastures here Wolf, you mean our CNN listeners have been like riveted to their TV sets? . . I mean like, that’s gotta smart!

Wolf: Not riveted . . like riveted Stone.

Stone: Uh huh! . . Glad you straightened us out on that one Wolf.

Wolf: Well, as all our CNN listeners know, this is the season for spring planting and all the folks in the country here are thinking about nothing else.

Kermit and Miss Piggy come on stage chatting

M Piggy: So anyhow my mom, she said, “Miss Piggy” . . . that’s what my mom calls me . . “Miss Piggy”.

Kermit: Makes sense kinda, I guess, seein’s how your name is Miss Piggy.

M Piggy, angry: Kermit, I do declare, you know my name is Miss Piggy . . and I for sure know my name is Miss Piggy . . but how in tarnation are the folks out there in TV land s’posed to know that my name is Miss Piggy if’n I don’t weave my name into this here conversation, I ask you?

Kermit, squints, looks out into audience: TV land? . . . There’s a TV land out there somewhere?

M Piggy: Look around yourself bug eater; don’t this look like a CNN set to you?

Kermit: I gotta take my hat off to you Miss Piggy! . . How would y’all know this here is a CNN set?

M Piggy: First clue might be all the CNN signs around here.

Wolf crosses to M Piggy and Kermit

Wolf: Excuse me people, Wolf Blister here, might I have a minute of your time?

Kermit: “Wolf Blister? . . . Just what is a wolf blister?

M Piggy, angry: Kermit the Frog, don’t y’all know nothin’ from nothing? Don’t tell me you don’t know Wolf Blister!

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