Severe Makeover5

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 14:1-6
Fifth in a series of 5 episodes based on a TV newscast from the time of Jesus’ ministry. This sketch has reference to the return of Jesus, the raising of Lazarus from the dead, and the Parable of the Great Banquet.
Bart the Builder and Bev the Builder have renovation projects linked to parables and Bible happenings. And Nathan and Naomi are TV news reporters who interact with Bart and Bev.
Useful for children’s VBS programs.

Sketch 1: Severe Makeover Sinking House (Matt 7:21-27, Lk 16:19-31)
Sketch 2: Severe Makeover Boat (Mark 4:35-41, Lk 10:30-37)
Sketch 3: Severe Makeover Fences (Lk 15:1-7, 11-24)
Sketch 4: Severe Makeover Palace (Lk 14:16-24, John 11:1-46)
This sketch: Severe Makeover Return

Cast: 4 (male or female)
Builder Bart
Builder Bev
Nathan, TV reporter
Naomi, TV reporter

Set: Can be as minimal or elaborate as you wish
Set or backdrops can show the project, (houses, boat, fence), being renovated

Costumes: may be either traditional or contemporary

Props: mics and props found in a TV studio
hammers, saws, carpentry tools

Sample of script:

Naomi and Nathan are sitting in the TV studio

Nathan: Good evening viewers, this is . . . Newsy Nathan from Channel 12 . . with all the news that is news where you want the news and when the news is still news before it becomes old news!
I am here with my partner and co-anchor, Naomi. So Naomi, what have you got for us tonight?

Naomi: Good evening Nathan, welcome Channel 12 listeners, we have a jam-packed newscast tonight. . .
Before we get to the news highlights, viewers will recall that we reported a few days back that Lazarus of Bethany was grievously ill, and the family had sent for their friend, Jesus ben Joseph of Nazareth, a sometimes preacher who many feel has the power to heal severe illnesses. . .

Nathan: And did Jesus ben Joseph arrive in time?

Naomi: Yes and no. . . By the time Jesus arrived Lazarus had been dead for three days.

Nathan: Oh, too bad . .

Naomi: But, as the story goes, Jesus went to the tomb and raised the dead man to life.

Nathan, shock: Well . . . sounds like this story needs a bit more sifting through in the next few days . . .

Naomi: I agree Nathan. . . . meantime we hear that the mayor’s grand dinner party was a smashing success for those who were able to attend.

Nathan: I saw the pictures, sounded like a great time was had by all.

Naomi: Did you see the picture in the paper of Bev the Builder and Bart the Builder at the party?

Nathan: What were they doing there, I didn’t know they were invited.

Naomi: Well, they are in the studio, let’s ask them.

Bart and Bev come on stage

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