Severe Makeover4

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 14:16-24
Fourth in a series of 5 episodes based on a TV newscast from the time of Jesus’ ministry. This sketch has reference to the Parable of the Supper, Parable of the Great Banquet and the death of Lazarus of Bethany.
Bart the Builder and Bev the Builder have renovation projects linked to parables and Bible happenings. And Nathan and Naomi are TV news reporters who interact with Bart and Bev.
Useful for children’s VBS programs.

Sketch 1: Severe Makeover Sinking House (Matt 7:21-27, Lk 16:19-31)
Sketch 2: Severe Makeover Boat (Mark 4:35-41, Lk 10:30-37)
Sketch 3: Severe Makeover Fences (Luke 15:1-7, 11-24)
This sketch: Severe Makeover Palace
Sketch 5: Severe Makeover Return (John 14:1-6)

Bible Reference: Luke 14:16-24, John 11:1-46

Cast: 4 (male or female)
Builder Bart
Builder Bev
Nathan, TV reporter
Naomi, TV reporter

Set: Can be as minimal or elaborate as you wish
Set or backdrops can show the project, (houses, boat, fence), being renovated

Costumes: may be either traditional or contemporary

Props: mics and props found in a TV studio
hammers, saws, carpentry tools

Sample of script:

Naomi and Nathan are sitting in the TV studio

Nathan: Good evening viewers, this is . . . Newsy Nathan from Channel 12 . . with all the news that is news where you want the news and when the news is still news before it becomes old news!
I am here with my partner and co-anchor, Naomi. So Naomi, what’s new in the news and views world for tonight?

Naomi: Good evening Channel 12 listeners, lots to tell you about tonight. . . First off, news from Bethany where well known local lawyer Lazarus ben Simon is said to be very ill.

Nathan: Sorry to hear that Naomi. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lazarus last fall; you may remember Lazarus developed a close friendship with a wandering preacher from Nazareth.

Naomi: I recall that interview. Seems that preacher was always getting in trouble with temple leaders here in Jerusalem, yet Lazarus had nothing but good things to say about this guy, Jesus ben Joseph, I believe his name was.

Nathan: Absolutely Naomi. Not only Lazarus but also his sisters, Mary and Martha, have always been there for the preacher when he needed support in Bethany.

Naomi: Reports out of Bethany tell us that Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus ben Joseph, they believe that if the preacher can get to Bethany in time that he can heal Lazarus.

Nathan: So we are still hearing that Jesus has the power to heal sick people?

Naomi: Those reports are coming in from all over the country. As we hear it this Jesus can give blind people back their sight, make crippled folks walk again, and more!

Nathan: Wowww! . .. If it is true it is some amazing.

Naomi: It is that. On the late night news tonight we expect to have a follow-up report of the whereabouts of the Nazarene preacher.

Nathan: Well, unless he makes it to Bethany soon it will be a wasted trip. After all, a healer or not, nothing can be done if Lazarus is dead before Jesus gets to Bethany.

Naomi: This just in from our international correspondent . . seems Eli’s son is running out of money and plans to head back home.

Nathan: I can just imagine old Eli will have nothing to do with the young fool.

Naomi: Actually we are told that Eli plans to welcome his son with open arms.

Nathan: Go figure . . .

Naomi: More later on that, now on to other news . . .

Nathan: Before we start, question for you Naomi. . . . Did you get your invitation to the big fancy party at Mayor David’s palace next Friday?

Naomi: Yes, came hand delivered a few days ago, sounds like a wonderful party. . . I hear that Bart the Builder and Bev the Builder did a total Severe Makeover Carpentry renovation on the mayor’s palace.

Nathan: Well, let’s get Bart and Bev in here so we can find out more. . . .

Bart and Bev come on stage

Naomi: Bart, Bev, can you tell us about the Severe Makeover you two did on mayor David’s palace in preparation for the great event?

Bev: I have to say Naomi, this is the more extensive renovation that Bart and I have ever attempted.

Bart: Mayor David gave us free rein . . strip everything down to the bare walls, new paint, flooring, siding and shingles.

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