Christmas of the Cards

  • Cast Number: 25
  • Run-time: 50 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2
Three women are shopping in a card store, at various stages of their understanding of Christmas. " Christmas card " message vs. the real message - with carols
A major Christmas presentation with music, written to compare the various emphases of Christmas.

Staging Information

Choir (as available)

The three characters would be at various stages of Christian maturity, with Brenda at the "high end" and Tracy at the "low end". From a characterization standpoint, this would mean that Brenda would tend to act in a more self-assured manner, whereas Tracy would be subject to emotional highs and lows. Leanne would offer the audience a character somewhat in-between those two positions.

Center acting stage would be that area over the baptistry in most churches, and would be used for the video presentation, (no actors on this stage). The three actors, would perform from a small stage near the main stage. Choir would be singing as the video rolls, actors would be in low light. Have signs on walls to indicate a card shop. Have a large oversized card catalog, on the outside have a sign: Mallmark Card Catalog

Sample of script:

Three shoppers walk into card shop, brush themselves off, shiver, to indicate they are coming in from the cold.

Tracy:Hi, Brenda, Leanne, good to see you! Looking for Christmas cards I suppose?

Brenda:Well, it is the season you know, it's now or never!
Leanne:Actually I was looking for a card for my mother-in-law.

Tracy:Mother-in-law? (Laughs) Better be really careful! Could be trouble if you don't choose the very best!

Leanne:Actually, my mother-in-law and I are best friends. And that being the case I do want a nice card for her.

Tracy:I get it, (winks), and you want it to stay that way, right? (Looks at card, turns one over).

Leanne:Tracy, I saw you looking on the back of the card! Just like the card commercials on TV! You were looking to see the brand of card, weren't you?

Tracy:Not too likely! I was looking at the price! Do you just see how much these cards cost? Incredible! Especially when it's just for the couple of seconds it takes to tear them open, then that's it, the card ends up in a drawer or in the garbage!

Leanne:In the garbage? I would never put cards from my family in the garbage!

Brenda:Really though, what are you supposed to do? You can't keep them on the mantle forever.

Leanne:Actually, we have scrapbooks where we keep all our family cards.

Brenda:You know, that's an excellent idea, we should do that.

Tracy:Not our family, we just chuck them.

Leanne:What's this? (Picks up a catalog - reads) "Mallmark Classic Christmas Collection, the card that brings a song to family and friends". Isn't that nice! The card plays music when you open it. Lovely thought!

Tracy:Lovely price! Now just who is going to pay that much for a singing Christmas card? Ridiculous if you ask me! But then, you know what they say! There's one born every minute!

Leanne:Oh, but look! Listen!

(Leanne opens card, at center stage lights come up behind scrim to a scene of snow falling and a family shopping as choir sings "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas')

Leanne:Now wasn't that nice!

Tracy:Wonder how long the batteries in the card last? Probably dead by the time you get the card home!

Brenda:What else do they have?

(Brenda turns page, at center stage lights come up behind scrim to a scene of two snow men as choir sings "Frosty The Snowman')

Tracy:That's all we need! Another reminder of snow and cold weather coming!

Brenda:Well, look, there's lots more to choose from!

Tracy:Here's one for me! Stuck alone in the city for the holidays! It sure will be a blue Christmas!

(Tracy turns page, at center stage lights come up behind scrim to blue light Christmas scene as choir sings "Blue Christmas Without You").

Leanne:I'm sorry, Tracy! Are you sure you can't get home for Christmas?

Tracy:Not possible! I've got to work on Christmas Eve, and again on Boxing Day. No way I can travel 3-1/2 hours each way and still get back in time to open the store for the Boxing Day sale!

Brenda:I don't see why we need to have stores open on Boxing Day! Surely we can do without shopping for a couple of days and allow everyone to spend some time with their families.

Tracy:No chance! Boxing Day is the busiest day of the year at my store. We simply couldn't live if we weren't open Boxing Day!

Leanne:Well, it just doesn't seem right! (Sighs) What other cards do they have?

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