Those Silent Nights

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2
Soloist sings without accompaniment, one line at a time, then actor speaks lines, and reacts to the words of the old carol, Silent Night. The comparison is made to another, un-silent, night when Jesus was crucifird and buried. Very powerful.

Sample of script:

Soloist Sings: Silent night

Actor: I heard them sing
The beautiful carol,
"Silent Night".
How lovely the sound.
But, on another occasion,
I also heard them cry out,
'Crucify him. Crucify him.'

Soloist Sings: Holy night...

Actor: On that holy night long ago
A star led shepherds
And wise men to the manger.
Yet on another night
Some thirty years later,
The same stars shone down
Showing the way for soldiers and thugs
To Gethsemane.

Soloist Sings: All is calm...

Actor: The calmness of the night
Of Your birth
Brings to mind the calmness
Which You showed
As all about You,
The throng,
Demanded Your death.

Soloist Sings: All is bright...

The reverent brightness of that night
Contrasts the darkness which
Came over the whole land
Until the ninth hour.
For the sun stopped shining.
And the curtain of the temple
Was torn in two.

Soloist Sings: Round yon virgin, mother and child...

Actor: The image of One at peace.
Yet now I see you
On that cross Lord.
Those long thorns
Piercing Your scalp.
Your Holy brow
Dripping with sweat
And Your Holy Blood.

Soloist Sings: Holy infant...

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