Wheres This Baby Headed

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 70 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2
A modern day "Dickens-like Christmas Carol" look at corporate America as the executive of a "successful" software company express their opinions, and fears.
Sometimes our success becomes more than we can handle.
2 main actors carry the bulk of the drama. There is a split stage format with the two actors performing on one side of the stage, while at the other side a scrim covering is used to display the past timeframes.This drama is entirely fictional, any similarities to people, places, situations or events is purely coincidental.

Jeff - This character is a fictional character, a brilliant and successful entrepreneur, the head of a huge hi-tech company
Jim - Jeff’s partner and employee, a trusted employee who has been with Jeff from the beginning.
Jeff(2) Jeff character in the scrim set (will be younger version of Jeff)
Jim(2) Jim character in the scrim set (will be younger version of Jim)
Morley - Jeff’s former partner
Sarah Jeff’s ex-wife
Voice over

Sets: there is main stage area plus an acting area behind scrim, in order to display or hide the action in the past scenes
A very large gaudy garish Christmas set with flashing lights for opening scene

Costumes very little costuming is necessary, past timeframe could use dated costuming

Lighting would be a single spotlight for main actors, plus lighting in front of and behind scrim to hide and expose the past scenes

Sample of script

Jeff walks on stage and looks around. Looks toward the shadows at upstage left, smiles, picks up a large extension cord which is lying very noticeably on the floor, plugs it into outlet. Jeff is visibly proud as garish Christmas promotion lights up, flashing lights, Away In A Manger plays softly in the background.

Jeff: Excellent, simply a breakthrough! Yeppers, this will do just fine! Another world-wide first for SoftSolutions Computer Systems! And I wonder where this baby’s headed?

Voice over: Christmas greetings from SoftSolutions Computer Systems! And to help you celebrate the true meaning of the Christmas season, SoftSolutions introduces our NuNoel In-home Computer System, featuring 96” SoftSolutions low radiation screen so family and friends can watch and play together, world’s most advanced 512 meg SoftSolutions memory bank, 6 independent SoftSolutions 96X CD drives, 6 independent SoftSolutions ergonomically designed Phase 3 keyboards allowing up to 6 friends or family members to simultaneously interact or compete, each with their own SoftSolutions Eagle Majestic 38 page-per-minute laser printer. And, of course, the feature of this, as all SoftSolutions computing systems, is the exclusive patented SoftSolutions OS SoftSecure Operating Systems, the OS system available only on SoftSolutions hardware.
Jim comes on stage at downstage right, watches in the shadows
Voice over: Just think of it, celebrate Christmas together the old-fashioned way, a family working and playing together, enjoying time-honoured family values, around the SoftSolutions NuNoel In-Home Computer System. And here’s just a few of the built in choices you have to celebrate the exciting news of Christmas. On SoftSolutions Abundant Selection #1 we have “Christmas Values with Fonzie and the Family”. You will be challenged and blessed with the traditional Christmas message as the “Happy Days” gang enjoy a Christmas break on SoftSolutions’ tropical paradise, Security Island!
SoftSolutions Abundant Selection #2 whisks you away to a Christmas dream experience based on the time-treasured “Father Knows Best” TV series. Relive and experience first-hand again the excitement and family closeness of a more restful time.
For those who seek a more futuristic telling of the Christmas message, SoftSolutions Abundant Selection #3 is just what you have been looking for! “Star Wars Christmas” tells of Captain Kirk’s personal mission to bring the Christmas message to the Disasteroids on the newly discovered planet of R92B.
And if you are seeking a more traditional approach, SoftSolutions Abundant Selection 4 is our all new interactive animated option where you and your friends can assume the roles of shepherds, wise men, Joseph, Mary, even the Baby Jesus! Think of the learning experience as each family member interactively creates their own ending to the original tale.
Jeff punches a button, voice over off, just a few lights continue to flash
Jeff: Excellent, simply a breakthrough! Yeppers, this will do just fine! SoftSolutions NuNoel In-home Computer System! All you computer giant wannabees, react to this! SoftSolutions Computer Systems! First off the mark again! And I wonder where this baby’s headed?
Jim: Yes, Jeff, where indeed!
Jeff: Jim, didn’t see you there. Come on in, got somethin’ to should ya! You simply won’t belive this! Excellent, simply a breakthrough! Yeppers, this will do just fine! Watch here, somethin’ new! We call it the SoftSolutions . . . . .
Jim: . . . . SoftSolutions NuNoel In-Home Computer System, I heard!
Jeff: What’d’ya think Jimmy boy?
Jim: Jeff, you really don’t want to hear what I think!
Jeff: You know that’s not true, Jim! You and me, we’ve been together, right from the beginning. You and me, and . . . .
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