Virgin Birth

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 1:23
Was Jesus really born of a virgin?

The overall intent of this four part series, (all four sketches are included in this script), is to point out how there is great doubt among the general public over the subject of the virgin birth. This series of sermon starters is designed to address this thought head on, and to show that sometimes the doubts are felt, (to some degree), by those in the church as well, and how those doubts can impact others.
This script was written for a church that was doing a four Sunday series, with a script each week, however all four sketches could also also be done within one sermon.
As a sermon starter the sketches are not intended to answer questions but to open up the congregation’s thinking to the message in the sermon.

Cast: 3
Mark, middle age, a church attender who is not entirely committed
Buck, middle age, takes his children to church but doesn’t attend (or believe)
Terry, pre-teen, Mark’s son

Set, Lighting, sound: standard

Costumes: Casual clothing, Terry would be dressed a little better for church
In the final two segments Buck would dress more formally
Terry and Buck both wear baseball hats

Special Instructions: Terry starts out excited about church, believing what he is told, but the reaction of his father, (Mark), and Mark’s friend Buck, gradually wear off on Terry until Terry also gives up on believing.
At the same time, as time goes by Mark and Buck move closer to believing the message.

Time: 3 minutes each, total 12 minutes

Sample of Script:

Sketch I

Mark comes on stage, anxiously looks at watch, frustrated

Mark: Come on Terry, the game starts in 45 minutes!
Mark paces back and forth, impatient, Buck comes on stage
Buck: Hey Mark, what’s happenin’?
Mark: Hey Buck! . . . It’s more what’s not happenin’! . . . Waiting for Terry to get outta Sunday School! . . when I dropped him off this morning I told him not to waste time, to beat it out here so’s that I could get home for the pre-game. . . So what does my dear son do? . . . Likely standing in there chatting as usual!
Buck: Yeh, my daughter’s in there too. But I am not in a sweat; my Seahawks don’t snap the ball until 4:30.
Mark: Yeh well my Lions play in . . (checks watch) . . exactly 42 minutes.
Buck: Reality check there. . . at oh and nine your Lions don’t play football at all!
Mark: So they’ve had a slow start to the season . . .
Buck: Nah ah! . . Five and five is a slow start. . . oh and nine is embarrassment!
Mark: Whatever . . .
Terry comes on stage
Mark: Finally! . . Would you get a move on!
Terry, happy: Hi Dad . . hi Uncle Buck! . . . Sunday School was awesome Dad, talked about the virgin birth.
Buck: You mean to tell me these churches still talk up that garbage?
Mark, behind Terry, tries to signal Buck to stop talking about it
Terry: You mean you don’t believe in the virgin birth Uncle Buck?
Mark: Hey, not what Buck means at all, he just was . . .
Buck: Sorry there Terry, I was only just funnin’ with you, I never . . .
Mark: Hey, listen, you get into the truck, we gotta get home for the game . . . Hey, where’s your hat?
Terry: Oh man, I left it on the coat rack!
Mark: Well go get it before someone lifts it! I shelled out sixty bucks for that hat!
Terry leaves the stage
Buck: Hey, sorry there Mark, I didn’t mean to talk like that, I just kinda . .
Mark: Look, Buck, it’s just not good going on like that in front of the kid, I mean . .
Terry comes back on stage, unseen behind Buck and Mark, Terry stops to adjust his hat, listens
Buck: Yeh, sorry about that Mark, it’s just how the churches expect people to buy in on goofy, far-out stories . . . virgin birth, raising dead guys to life. .
Mark: Hey, will you cool that talk, Terry’ll be back any minute!
Buck: Surely you don’t believe that garbage about the virgin birth?
Mark, uncomfortable: No, not really, I mean, but, like, what harm does it do, I mean, really?
Mark sees Terry, motions for Buck to be quiet
Mark: Hey son, let’s us get going, time for the pregame to start, by the time we’re home!
Terry: You mean you don’t believe in the virgin birth either Dad?

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