That Giving Feeling

  • Cast Number: 15
  • Run-time: 45 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 10:8
Comparing the various emphases, and motivations, of Christmas giving.

Cast: 10+
(all may be male or female, and any age from older child to adult, proving that motivations and desires are not age-based)

Brenda and Campbell family (Group 1):

Leanne and Williams family (Group 2):

Tracy and Donovan family (Group 3):

Could be any number of non-speaking extras

Choir (as available, may be taped in advance)

The three main characters would be at various stages of Christian maturity, with Brenda at the "high end" and Tracy at the "low end". From a characterization standpoint, this would mean that Brenda would tend to act in a more self-assured manner, whereas Tracy would be subject to emotional highs and lows. Leanne would offer the audience a character somewhat in-between those two positions.

Staging: Video presentations as described in script will be against wall or screen.
The three actors, would perform from an upstage center position, the three families would be spread around the stage, their actions indicated by spotlight, freezing when the focus is on another group.
Choir, (if live), would be singing as the video rolls, actors would be in low light.

Have signs on walls to indicate a card shop.

Props: Have a large oversized card catalog, on the outside have a sign: Mallmark Card Catalog
Pens for Tom

Lighting: Spotlights for identifying acting locations

Costumes: Three main actors would be in regular winter street clothing. Families would be dressed in regular leisure clothing
Choir should be dressed to suit the effect of songs which they are singing.

Time: will vary based on music

Sample of script

Three shoppers walk into card shop at center stage, brush themselves off, shiver, to indicate they are coming in from the cold. Tracy comes on stage first, followed by Brenda and Leanne

Tracy: Hi, Brenda, Leanne, good to see you! Looking for Christmas cards too I suppose?

Brenda: Well, this weekend is the final deadline for getting the boxes ready for Operation Kids at Christmas, it's now or never!

Leanne: Really? That’s what I am here for as well.

Tracy: You, the one who is always ready months in advance?

Leanne: I am really behind getting ready for Christmas this year, we have had some illness in our family, little things added up it seems.

Tracy: Personally I am busy trying to get finished with that Christmas child thing. I have no idea why our school decided to force all of us to get involved in that thing!

Leanne: Actually, it’s my church that has organized it for us. We have done this for years, I think it is awesome.

Brenda: Yes, the group Dawn belongs to at church have gotten involved in Operation Kids at Christmas as well. I don’t mind it, it’s OK.

Tracy: Maybe fine for you church people, but I think this sort of thing has no place in the public schools, makes kids feel obligated to get involved.

Leanne: Sorry you feel that way Tracy, but there is no obligation to be involved. Your school volunteered to be in the program.

Tracy: Anyhow! Sooner I get the card, sooner we get the project finished. My family are packing the boxes, I volunteered to come here, grab a card.

Leanne: My family were sooooo excited, we got some really neat stuff to put in the shoeboxes!

Brenda: So here the three of us are, out in the cold, in the crowds, picking out cards while the rest of our families are having all the fun of packing the shoeboxes.

Tracy: Fun? I can see my family right now, quarrelling and squawking! It’s a wonder you can’t hear them from here!

lights down on main acting location, three actors freeze, lights up on Group 3

Ron: How did I manage to get roped into this project anyhow?

Alice: Look Ron, stop your complaining! No one likes this kind of thing, but what are you gonna do?

Ron: What I am gonna do is find out who ever it was that started this project anyhow!

Tom: I say we just refuse to do it, simple as that.

Alice: Right Tom, and make our family look like losers throughout the whole community!

Ron: Guess Alice is right Tom. We are in this, like it or not.

Alice: Did you get some toys?

Tom: I gathered up some of the toys that have been laying around in the playroom.

Alice: We aren’t supposed to send anything but new toys.

Tom: Well isn’t that just ducky! You’d think whoever’s gonna get this junk might be a little less picky! It’s good enough for our family, should be good enough for those who have nothing, I say!

Alice: Should be, could be, would be. What does it matter? Fact is, these are the way they got things set up.

Ron: If “they” are so particular, why not “they” go and do the work, spend “their” own money?

Alice: Like I said, nobody wants to give, but we need to be careful of our reputation around here.

lights down on Group 3, up on Group 1 who come to life

Lynn: Where’s Brenda?

Dawn: Went to pick up a card so we can get this box away to Operation Kids at Christmas.

Lynn: Well I sure hope she gets a really big, flashy card.

Dawn: Didn’t realize that you were that much into cards.

Lynn: I will not have the Fergusons giving a better card that ours. I want our card to be bigger, brighter and much more expensive than theirs.

Dawn, mocking: There is the true spirit of giving.

Lynn: Fine, but it was you that got our family into this “Operation Kids for Christmas” . ..

Dawn: Kids at Christmas. If we called it “Kids for Christmas” people might get the idea that we were doing the cannibal thing this Christmas, rather than having turkey.

Lynn: Very funny. But since you have got us involved, we are going to have the biggest and the best shoebox in town. I enjoy giving when I know that other people see that I am out-giving them.

Dawn: You are the heart of the quote, “God loves a cheerful giver.”

Lynn: What can I say, I have a heart as big as all outdoors!

lights down on Group 1 who freeze, up on Group 2

Phil: Hey Eddie, got all the stuff lined up for the shoeboxes?

Eddie: Yes I do, but I think we’re going to have to pick up another couple of boxes. Looks like we all over-bought just a little.

Phil: I know I did. But when you think of those kids who have nothing, how can you help it? God has blessed us so much, seems like this is the least we can do.

Eddie: Yes, makes you feel really good, doesn’t it Phil?

Phil: Listen, we gotta get moving on this. Leanne will be back with the card in a minute, then the Campbells and Donovans will be dropping off their shoeboxes for us to take over to the church.

Eddie: Nice to see those families involved in Operation Kids at Christmas this year.

Phil: Well, I expected Campbells to be involved, Dawn is a really active new member of her group at church. But Donovans? That was a bit of a shock. My guess is that they are only doing it because it’s a church project this year.

Eddie: That may or may not be Phil, but that’s not for us to judge. Let’s just be thankful there will be more kids this Christmas who feel the warmth of the love of Jesus in their lives.

lights down on Group 2 who freeze, up on Group 1

Dawn: Hurry up Lynn! We have to get these boxes assembled and finished off.

Lynn: You know, just ‘cause your group feels they have to do this project, I’m not sure why that gets me involved.

Dawn, smiles: Stop your complaining, you know you are having fun.

Lynn: Maybe so, maybe no. Fact is I was roped into this project of yours. Anyhow, let’s get going, Brenda will be home soon with the card then we gotta run this over to the Williams.

Dawn: Where are the instructions?

Lynn: Instructions? Since when do we need instructions to put stuff in a shoebox.

Dawn: All I know, the leader at church said we had to read the instructions first.

Lynn: Waste of time . . . anyhow, here they are . . . (picks up paper, starts to read)
Welcome to Operation Kids at Christmas.

lights down on Group 1 who freeze, up on Group 2, where Phil picks up the next line, reading

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