Do The Right Thing

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1Corinthians 16:13
Getting through with God's help. A thought provoking comedy that involves young people trying to find their way in a new school. Dealing with temptations and questionable situations. Teenagers could benefit from this drama.
Be strong, have courage. But having courage isn’t at all easy, and it is especially tough when you don’t know where to look for help. But we need to remember that God has made it very plain that with His help, we can get through anything!Key words: courage children obey obedience

Sample of script

Scene opens as Maggie enters stage left. She begins talking to herself as soon as she is at center stage, and is looking around, very nervous.

Maggie: Man, this school sure is a whole lot bigger than my old school. I mean, you practically need a map to get to the bathroom! (Pauses for a moment.) Which reminds me, I should really check into that to avoid any problems later on! Wouldn’t want to have to do the 300 mile race to the bathroom, just to find it was at the other end of the school. I feel so alone. If only I knew someone to be friendly with. Look at all them. Just interested in their own friends, don’t even care that I’m all alone here.I just wish I knew some people, that’s all! Frustrating is what it is! Just ‘cause my Dad gets a big promotion he feels he has to move us all clear across the country. OK, so I moved, doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it! I had plenty of friends back home! (Stops to think.) I wonder what everyone’s doing now. I miss them, know what I mean? Let’s see, there was Mikey. I betcha Mikey’s got some new joke to bore everyone with. Knock knock. Who’s there? Yeh, that’s Mikey all right! And don’t forget Rhonda! Rhonda probably has new jeans to show off! (sigh) I sure miss them you know. Mom and Dad say I am supposed to ask God for courage as I make new friends, but I kinda think that God is a little too busy with other things than to be worried about me making friends! Things like global warming, third world disasters and the common cold are just a tad ahead of my friendlessness I expect.Anyway, I really should find my way to the cafeteria before all the food is gone. Gives me a great opportunity to sit all alone and eat while all around me people are enjoying their life experiences.

Maggie starts to look around as Carmen and Dana enter stage left.

Carmen and Dana smile at Maggie and walk up to her.

Carmen, tapping Maggie on the shoulder: Hi! Can we help you find something?

Maggie: Oh, that would be great, thanks! I am new here and I seem to have lost the cafeteria

!Carman: The cafeteria is lost again? Third time this week. This guy looking for indigestion keeps taking our cafeteria.

Maggie: No, you don’t understand, I am new here, I can’t find my way to the cafeteria.

Carmen and Dana laugh.

Dana: Why would you ever want to find your way there?

Maggie, confused: Because I am hungry?

Carmen: You must be new here, ‘cause no one goes to the cafeteria when they are hungry! You would have to be starving and near death before you go there to eat!

Maggie, still confused: Huh?

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