Being A Youth Group Member

  • Cast Number: 15
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 20:28
belonging to a youth group, staying loyal, committed to a good cause, encouraging one another, using our energy carefully
This drama is designed to be used as part of a church youth group membership program. The storyline has a family discussing involvement in the various groups and organizations open to people today.

On - stage parts:
Grandpa (could be Grandma) - senior
Norm - older son - late teen, early 20's
Catherine - older daughter - mid-teens
Wendy - younger daughter, 10 - 13 years old
Sammy - Norm's friend, same age
Trudie - Catherine's friend, same age
Billy - Wendy's friend, same age

Off - stage parts:
Narrator Friend Frank
Narrator Friend Florence
Narrator Tex Tornado, Texas accent
Narrator Emylou, Texas accent
Narrator Sergeant Slaughter, male
Narrator Colonel James, female
Narrator Billy Bob Brown
Narrator Lady Simone

Narrators are voices on TV. Choose those with good expressive voices.

Narrators could possibly double up, performing more than one narrative. Use care however to change voices so that audience will feel that these are different persons talking.


Construct a "TV", having it fairly large in order to draw the attention of the audience. Inside have two or more white and blue lights which can be used to give the noticeable effect of the light from a TV. Living room design is typical of a middle income American family with several overstuffed chairs, couches and a large TV. If possible have a thick rug in the middle of the stage for wrestling segment.


White and blue tint lights in TV give the impression of a TV operating. Somewhat subdued lighting to allow the "light" of the TV to show through.


Soldier's uniforms for Norm and Sammy
Wrestling outfit for Billy
Regular leisure clothing for Grandpa, Wendy, Catherine and Trudie


Mikes for narrators, mikes as required for those on stage. (ensure that all mikes are hidden as much as possible)


Drama takes place in a family living room. The TV is located in a downstage left position, the front of the TV unseen by the audience. The actors will be absorbed in the TV during most of the drama, therefore it's location, and the s eating arrangements for actors is critical. Actors should be located in Center to Upstage positions, somewhat toward the Center to Right side of the stage, this in order to allow the audience a clear view of the actors. Actors will be staring intently at the TV while at the same time being visible to the audience.


As drama opens, Grandpa is watching TV.

Narrator Frank:

Seniors, this is your Friend Frank, telling you that we need to band together to ensure that your point of view is understood by government. Arrange now for your membership in your organization, Seniors on the Run. Friend Florence, tell us again what a membership fee of only $45, plus of course, some small fees for mailing, handling, sorting and searching, brings our fine folks in television land.

Narrator Florence:I'd be most pleased to do that, Friend Frank. For only $45 our seniors will receive a full year's subscription to their own magazine, Together in the Good Times. As you can see this is a two color publication, (black and white), which comes to you once every year, that's once each and every year! Yes, and also you receive, delivered right to your door, (for a small additional delivery charge), this Handy Home Mortgage Calculator.

Narrator Frank:I'm here to tell you, Friend Florence, that I got one of those Handy Home Mortgage Calculators for myself last year. And I want to tell you that the Handy Home Mortgage Calculator is, well, it's, it's . . handy, that's what.

Grandpa:A Handy Home Mortgage Calculator? But how many seniors have a mortgage? So why would we need a Handy Home Mortgage Calculator? Even if it is, is, (mimics Friend Frank), "well, . . . . handy, that's what?"

Narrator Florence:I tell you what, Friend Frank, I can just hear some people out there in television land saying, "But how many seniors have a mortgage? So why would we need a Handy Home Mortgage Calculator?" Yes, well I'm here to tell you that that is an excellent question! Don't you think it is an excellent question, Friend Frank?

Narrator Frank:Friend Florence, I can stand right here and honestly tell you that that question was, without the slightest doubt, one of the very best questions yet! Simply in a class, simply in a class, Friend Florence! But you know what, Friend Florence, to be fair to all the good folks out there we simply must tell them the bad, bad, bad news. You see, my dear friends, we have been informed by our suppliers of Handy Home Mortgage Calculators that they simply can not keep up to the demand for Handy Home Mortgage Calculators.

Grandpa:"Simply can not keep up with demand"? But what about that mountain of "Handy Home Mortgage Calculators", behind you there? It hasn't changed in six months!

Narrator Florence:You know what, Friend Frank? I can just hear some of the good folks out there in television land saying, "Simply can not keep up with demand? But what about that mountain of Handy Home Mortgage Calculators, behind you there? It hasn't changed in six months!" What would you say, Friend Frank, to those good, good, good people in television land who might just be thinking those thoughts right now?

Narrator Frank:If I could I would just sit right down beside those good, good, good folks and, with a tear in my eye, I would say, "That is an excellent, excellent, excellent observation, dear friend." Yes, I surely would.

Narrator Florence:Friend Frank, we and all the seniors out there in television land are so, so, so fortunate that we have a young person like you, working on behalf of each and every, I said, each and every senior in this nation. Since they can't talk to you directly, why, I'd just like to thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Friend Frank!

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