The Truth Or Whatever

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 14:6
Sample of script:

Voice over: Welcome to . . .Truth Or Whatever! And now, the star of our show, Freddy Funguy! Heeeeerrrrreeeessss Freddy!

Host comes on stage, acts like game show host

Host: Thank you Johnny Gullible! Now, ladies and gentlemen, we could stand here and waste tons of your virtually worthless time but, no, we are going to get right into our show. Then we will waste tons of your virtually worthless time. So, with no further stalling, why don’t we bring on our first victim, . . er, contestant. Johnny Gullible, if you will!

Voice Over: Thanks so much, Freddy Funguy! Now, here we have, all the way from Pig’s Trough, New York, our first contestant, Sarah Salute.

Host: I guess I don’t have to tell you how good it is to have you here Sarah, welcome to Truth or Whatever.

Sarah: Sounds like a strange name, why didn’t you go for Truth Or Consequences, something like that?

Host: It was taken. Anyhow, do you know the truth?

Sarah: About . . . . . . .?

Host: Buzzzzz, buzzzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! You are buzzed! Ahh too bad!

Sarah: I’m buzzed? What’s that’s supposed to mean?

Host: Means your buzzed, outta here, history, gonzo, skeedaddle

.Sarah: Hardly seems fair, does it?

Host: Fair, schmair! Not important. Remember, the name of the show . . .Truth or Whatever. Either you show truth or we will, . . .whatever!

Sarah: So then, I’m . . . .

Host: Yesterday’s news. Take a hike.

Sarah: I think I’m sorry to leave.

Host: Of course you are! Everyone wants to be on Truth Or Whatever.

Sarah: I once wanted to be bitten by a tse tse fly. But I got over it. My first thought is I will survive not being on this show.

Host: Do not count on it! Anyhow, our next lovely contestant if you will, Johnny Gullible!

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