Fasting Concepts

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 6:16
a wacky comedy sermon starter on fasting. Believe it or not, fasting has nothing to do with running quickly.

Costumes: two are in regular clothing, Max is in workout clothing

Sample of script:

Elaine and Tracy come on stage talking

Elaine: Like the pastor says, “This new sermon series is aimed at helping the folks in the pew understand some very important theological issues.”

Tracy: And, way I see it, Elaine, the series is truly hitting home with people. Take the sermon on meditation; I think a lot of folks picked up some new insights of the concept of meditation from the pastor’s message.

Elaine: Well, a lot did, Tracy, but I am not real sure Max got his mind around the concept.

Tracy: Well, being honest, Max has trouble with the concept about concepts, let alone understanding a standalone concept.

Elaine: No one can really dispute that. But I gotta tell you, I am some looking forward to the pastor’s theme this Sunday.

Tracy: Really? I hadn’t heard, what is the theme this Sunday?

Elaine: Fasting.

Tracy, patting stomach: I gotta tell you, I could sign up on that plan for a month or so.

Elaine: My guess is that the concept goes a bit beyond weight loss.

Tracy: I suppose you are right, but . . . . .

Max comes running on stage, bumping into things

Elaine: Heyhoo, slow down there Max. Where you going in such a hurry?

Max is puffing, can’t get his breath, struggles to speak

Max: Church . . .. pastor . . . . sermon . . . . gotta be ready . . . gotta go . .

Max starts to run again, Elaine and Tracy grab his arm, talk to him

Tracy: Where you going man?

Elaine: Yeh,

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