Win The Race Series

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 50 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis

Winning the race with God’s grace.
A 5 part drama, designed for VBS or children’s camp, uses the theme of car racing to focus on finding your purpose in life: by knowing and following Jesus (John 17:3), through true worship (Mark 12:30), by knowing God’s people (Ephesians 2:19), by serving God (Ephesians 2:10), by telling others about Jesus (Acts 1:8).
Five racers, (Andi Airhead, Randy Ratchet, Ted Tirechanger, Wendy Wrench, Trudy Treadwear), are joined by a racer wannabe, singer Laps the Racer. The result is silliness with a message.

Set: none really necessary, but race car paraphernalia would be useful

Costumes: car racing costumes would be useful

Sound: there is an on-going song done to the tune of “Oh I Never Shall Marry” and it sung (very badly and off key) by Laps, who (badly) accompanies himself on the guitar.

Time: 50 (each segment approximately 10 minutes)

Sample of first script:

First Segment: knowing and following Jesus

Andi, Randy, Ted, Wendy and Trudy come on stage talking

Andi: Like you said Trudy, the whole race season really comes down to the next big race.

Randy: Nothin’ wrong in that really Andi, that’s kinda the way it should be, one mega race, winner take all.

Ted: Whoooeee! Excitin’ is what Randy! Smell’a oil and burnin’ tire rubber . . . it just doesn’t get much better’n that!

Wendy: After all Ted, isn’t this what we all race for?

Trudy: For a fact Wendy, and, of course, to get my name on the big prize. I can see it all now, (mimes holding up a trophy), right there on the big trophy, “Winner – Trudy Tirewear!

Laps comes strolling on stage, strumming guitar and singing,(tune “Oh I Never Shall Marry”), other actors watch, only mildly interested

Laps: Oh they call me a racer
I bin racin' long time
For sure I'm a legend
Only in my own mind.

sees audience, reacts

Laps: Heydee ho race car enthusiasts and otherwise hip and happy folks!
Laps the Racer here.

other actors look at Laps with blank look

Laps: Laps . . . the Racer here . . . I’m sure you have heard of me.

Andi: Actually I haven’t Laps, but pleased to know you . . I am Andi Airhead, (points to Randy), that there is Randy Ratchet, (points to Ted), and there’s none other than Ted Tirechanger, (points to Wendy), and I am sure you’ve heard of Wendy Wrench, (points to Trudy), and last but no way least is racer of the week, Trudy Treadwear.

Laps: Wha’d’ya mean, never heard of me?
My name is on everyone’s lips.
My adoring public follows me around day and night.
I am here to win the big race . . .
Way I see it I am pretty much a shoo-in to win.

Andi clears throat, Laps reacts

Laps: Well, I mean, there’s you and the other racers here too I mean and . .

Andi: Thanks for noticing.

Randy: Just who, or what, is Laps the Racer?

Laps, sings: Let me sang you the answer to that question

(Laps clears his throat, prepares to sing)

Me, me, me, me

Oh they call me a racer
I bin racin' long time
For sure I'm a legend
Only in my own mind.

I was borned in Daytona
My first race in KC
All the races I sure know
Cause they’re like home to me

Ted: OK, I’ll ask, . . . if you are such a great racer, adoring fans all over, your name on everyone’s lips, why haven’t we ever heard of you, Laps the Racer?

Laps: Cause racin’s only half of what I do. Me, I’m a race car driver, but when I’m not burnin’ rubber I’m a sanger.

Wendy: A “sanger”?

Laps: Yep, shore am. Me, I’m a sanger sangin’ songs.

Trudy: On purpose?

Laps: Yep, pretty much so.

Trudy: A shame that, actually.

Andi: So, Laps, you telling us you will be driving in the next race then?

Laps: Well . . likely, just have two little details to work out first.

Randy: Little details? . . Care to give us a fer-instance?

Laps: Well, first, I need a car.

Ted: For sure that would help your chances of winning is my guess.

Andi: Last time I can recall a fella wining a car race without a car is . . (thinks) . . never actually.

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