Boot Camp Buddies - Recap

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis

The fifth in a five part drama with a military boot camp theme, excellent for VBS.
Camp Follow-You is underway and everything had better be just right! . . Except that there is a new recruit named Chester Romeo Hunkalunk from Goose Feathers, Iowa who is, well, different.
In the first segment we find out how this . . group . . will show their love and support for each other. (John 13:35)
In the second segment we find the importance of trust. (Proverbs 3:5)In the third segment we learn of the place, and the power, of prayer. (James 5:16)
In the fourth segment we find out the importance of obeying. (John 14:15)
In this final (fifth) segment the soldiers recap what they have learned.
Each segment has a “marching” song written to the theme.

Cast: 6 (could be male or female)
Hunkalunk, male recruit (a Gomer Pyle type person)
Adams, female recruit
Michaels, female, recruit
Sarge, male, blustery officer
Lieutenant, female, from headquarters
Captain, m or f, from headquarters

Sound: song “Follow Him” arranged and recorded by DramaShareDramaShare members will find this song file in “Script Songs” at the “TECHNICAL HELP” link.
NOTE that there are three music files from which to choose, the standard file which will work in most cases, a file with a longer introduction, and also a file “Marching Music” which can be used as interlude or background music.

Costumes: could be military uniforms for all except Hunkalunk

Props: chair

Sample of script:

Day 5 – this segment is the wrap-up for the series

Hunkalunk comes on stage shouting very loudly, marching, reacting as indicated

Hunkalunk: Company . . forward . . march!
(short pause)
(short pause)
Left . . right . . left . . right . . left . . . . . left!

Michaels, Adams, Sarge and Lieutenant come running onto stage, pulling on shirts, as though they just got out of bed

Lieutenant: What in tarnation is all the caterwallerin’ out here?

Sarge: Sounds like 7,000 hyenas chased by 8,000 coyotes!

Adams: Look, it’s just Hunkalunk, all by himself!

Michaels: Could that be? . . Could one guy make that much noise?

Sarge: Hunkalunk, what are you doing?

Hunkalunk: Oh morning there Sarge, Lieuie, secret people. . .

Sarge: How dare you do all that screamin’ and wake me up at this hour?

Hunkalunk, proudly: I been practicin’ to be a sarge just like you Sarge!

Sarge: You practicing to be what?

Hunkalunk: Well, fact is Sarge, I had so much fun here at Camp Follow-You that I figure to become a forever bootcamper!

Sarge: A forever bootcamper?

Lieutenant: Wow Hunkalunk, for sure the General will be some happy to hear that!

Hunkalunk: Well, like, forever I’ve been hearin’ how great it is to be in the General’s army, to come to bootcamp, learn more about what servin’ the General is all about. . . But see, until I came here to Camp Follow-You that was all just, like, words. . . But watchin’ the Sarge and how much he shows respect and love for all the guys here, and how much the guys love and respect him right back . . . well, it’s just . . I want what you got Sarge!

Lieutenant, rubs a tear from his eye: That’s just flat out pretty is what Hunkalunk! . . And Sarge, must make a lump in your throat too is my guess.

Sarge: Fact is it does do Lieutenant.

Hunkalunk: Well I was just thinkin’ . . all that us guys has learned here at Camp Follow-You!

Adams: For a fact it is somethin’ all right Hunkalunk!

Michaels: I remember the first day at Camp Follow-You . . .

Michaels: Learning about “love”.

all march and sing:

We’ll follow the Gen-ral wherever he wants to go
He is the one we know, fit to defeat the foe
We’re here at this boot camp, learning more ev’ry day
Learning His love, and learning to work and play.

Here at this boot camp, fun boot camp
A camp where we find the way we ought to live.

And we’re so proud to serve the greatest of them all
For the Gen-er-al’s there whenever we need call!

Hunkalunk: That right there is why I want to be a lifetime bootcamper, be just like you Sarge!

Sarge: Makes me proud to be a part of your bootcamp experience here at Camp Follow-You, for sure.

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