Better Than Geico

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Daniel 3:17
Geico offers 20% savings, and that’s great. But what if someone could offer 100% savings, wouldn’t you take him up on it?
God does offer 100% saving, give your life to him!

Cast: 3 (m or f)

Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes: standard

Sample of script:

actors come on stage

Tracy: So my Dad says to our neighbour, “Why are you paying full list, I can likely get you that car for like $5,000 off list!”

Robin: Wow Tracy, are you serious? You mean your dad can actually like do that?

Tracy: In a heart beat! . . . Fact is, Robin, no one ever like goes and pays full list for anything.

Reggie: No one pays list price?

Tracy: Nope, no one!

Reggie: Well if no one pays list then how come there is a . . list . . . price?

Robin, to Tracy: Reggie makes a good point Tracy . . How can it be . . list . . price . . if no one pays that price?

Tracy: You have to understand people . . list price is there like as a point of reference.

Reggie: “Point of reference”? . . Maybe you’d best go ahead and explain that one to me.

Tracy: OK Reggie, listen and learn. . Let’s say you go and make some pepperoni pizza and you offer it for sale to Robin here.

Robin: Tracy, you for sure are putting me on here . . Ain’t no one alive gonna go and buy a pepperoni pizza that Reggie Samuels here made! . . . Nope, I do not think so! . . Reggie Samuels makes like the world’s worst pepperoni pizza for sure!

Tracy: OK then say Reggie goes and makes a pumpkin pie . .

Robin laughs uncontrollably, points at Reggie

Robin: My guess is you have never tasted pumpkin pie made by that person!

Tracy: People! . . I am trying to make an example here! . . Now Reggie, what do you make?

Robin, thinks: Let’s see . . . What does Reggie make? . . . Food poisoning . . . stomach cramps, that sorta thing.

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