Compelled By Love

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 22:37
Comedy look at how the Disney princesses perceive God’s love and salvation.

Cast: 9 females (could be fewer)

Lady Tremaine (Stepmother)
Anastasia (stepsister)
Drizella (stepsister(

Snow White

Set: blank
Scene I (with Cinderella and her family) takes place on one side of stage. Cinderella remains frozen at that location during Scene II
Scene II takes places at opposite side of stage
In Scene III Cinderella moves to join the rest of the actors
NOTE there are no breaks between scenes, move quickly to the next scene.

Lighting: standard lighting, spots would be useful to highlight action, allowing low light for Cinderella in Scene II

Costumes: Cinderella’s costume will be older, smudged with dirt
Princess’ costumes will be very elegant
Costumes for Lady T, Anastasia and Drizella will be overdone and garish

Special Instructions: Makeup for Lady T, Anastasia and Drizella will be greatly overdone

Song: "You'll Never Lose This Love", adapted from the Enchanted Tales Website:

Props: beautiful gown for Cinderella, constructed so that it will easily tear apart
ugly wig, cell phone

Sample of script:

Scene I:

Cinderella comes on stage, sees dress, picks it up, holds it to herself, looks upward, dreaming

Cinderella: What a gorgeous dress, and to think I made this with my very own hands! . . .
(pauses, thinks)
And a few hundred yards of silk.
I really must learn the old rule: “measure twice, cut once”!
(smiles, happy)
No matter, . . my pet mouse Gus and his wife Peaches can use these cloth scraps for a nursery for their 36 babies.
Oh how I am longing to go to the ball tonight!
I mean, just everyone will be there!
Just think, I could dance with all the handsome young men . . . perhaps even dance with a prince, . . (pauses, thinks) . . . perhaps fall in love . . .

Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella come on stage

Lady T: There you are Cinderella!
Did you finish the huge new storage room for my makeup?

Cinderella: Well I was . . .

Anastasia: Did you get my golden curly locks combed?

Cinderella, picks up ugly wig which falls apart:
I’m not quite finished but . . .

Drizella: Did you wash the cat?

Cinderella: Sorry stepmom Lady Tremaine and beloved stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella, but, see, I was sewing my new dress and . .

Lady T: New dress! . . Child, whatever might you need with a fancy dress?, . . . Your only duty is to serve us ravishingly gorgeous women . .

Cinderella, excited: Well, see, tonight is the fancy dress ball at the Legion downtown and I would love to be there, I mean . .

Lady T, Anastasia and Drizella cackle their laughter

Lady T: You, Cinderella, going to the event of the year?

three actors laugh again

Drizella: You’re a mere maid, how dare you think of such a thing?

Anastasia: Mommie dearest, we really must leave soon. We only have three hours and I do need my 2 hours beauty sleep, then I have to put on my face so I will be even more beautiful . . .

Lady T, looks at Anastasia, cringes: My suggestion is skip the sleep and get working on the face! . .
Now then, Cinderella, you stay right here, get drinks and munchies ready for us when we get back from the dance.

Cinderella, holds up dress: But my beautiful dress! . . .

Lady T grabs the dress, tears it in half, Anastasia and Drizella pull until it is in shreds

Lady T, fake sadness: Awww, too bad, nothing to wear!

Anastasia: So sad, but them’s are the breaks Cinderella honey.

Drizella: Have a fun night with mice and pumpkins, catch you later Cindy!

Lady T, Anastasia and Drizella leave stage, Cinderella is sad

Cinderella: Now this is a bummer!
Everyone at the ball and me stuck at home.
(thinks, smiles)
But I do hope my stepmom and stepsisters are having a good time.
(pauses, thinks)
They should be at the ball right now.
(pauses, looks off stage, pauses uncomfortably)
I said, . . they should all be at the ball right now . . .

sound of scurrying offstage

Offstage voice: Hey that was our cue, we were supposed to be on stage!


all actors quickly onstage, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella are separate from others
NOTE Cinderella remains frozen off to the side
Ariel is concentrating on her cell phone, starts to laugh

Ariel: Now that is neat . .
(to others)
Here’s a joke my friends Flounder and Sebastian texted to me.
I wonder if I should forward this text to Scuttle?
Maybe I best not, it’s hard, not to mention dangerous, for a seagull to fly and text.

Milan: Lady Tremaine! . . Anastasia! . . . Drizella! . . Nice to see you gals again.

Aurora: I haven’t seen Cinderella here at the ball, not ill I hope?

Drizella: Cinderella is a maid, hardly the fancy dress ball type.

Snow White: But Cinderella is so beautiful!

Lady T: You’ve been talking to my mirror again, haven’t you Snow White?

Rapunzel, working with her hair: I washed my hair last night and I can’t do a thing with it.

Anastasia: I was going to talk to you about that Rapunzel, could I maybe borrow a few feet of your gorgeous hair?

Rapunzel: Well Anastasia, I do have over 70 feet of hair, but Mom’s got this thing about cutting my hair.

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