Blind Fury

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark 10:46-52
Bartimaeus and his friend Simon wait for Jesus to pass by

Cast: 3 (including offstage voice of Jesus)

Set: blank

Sample of script:

Bartimaeus is sitting on stage, Simon comes on stage

Simon: Hello Bartimaeus

Bartimaeus: Hello.

Simon: It’s Simon here Bartimaeus.

Bartimaeus: Simon, you’ve been dropping by at this street corner every day for the last hundred years seems like! Likely I know by now that it’s you, alright?

Simon: Well, it’s just you being blind and all, I wanted to be sure that you . . . .

Bartimaeus: Simon, I am blind OK? I am not deaf. So long as I am not deaf I can likely tell who you are by the sound of your voice, OK?

Simon: I keep forgetting you blind guys get your other senses working overtime.

Bartimaeus: My guess is Simon, you learned that it university class you are taking, am I right?

Simon: Yes my professor he told us that . . .

Bartimaeus: This professor dude, my guess he isn’t blind, am I right?

Simon: No, Professor Matthew, he’s not blind, why did you ask?

Bartimaeus: If that know-it-all professor he’s so wise how come he don’t develop a cure for the common blindness?

Simon: How are you Bartimaeus?

Bartimaeus: Man, I'm blind. How do you think I'm doing?

Simon: I’m sorry man, just asking . . .

Bartimaeus: Like to drive me crazy sometimes, the foolish questions you glimpser folks come out with sometimes.

Simon: “Glimpser folks”? . . What that mean?

Bartimaeus: Glimpser folks are you people who can . . (waves his hands in praise fashion) . . see . . .! . . But even though you folks can . . (waves his hands in praise fashion) . . see . . . you can’t figure out anything beyond the end of your noses.

Simon: Bartimaeus, you are particularly grumpy today.

Bartimaeus: Man gets that way after 32 years going around being blind.

Simon: Maybe the Nazarene will come along and help you.

Bartimaeus: What Nazarene are you talking about?

Simon: Nazarene prophet name of Jesus ben Joseph.

Bartimaeus: Never heard of him.

Simon: He’s all you see in the news lately.

Bartimaeus: Maybe you didn’t notice, I’ve been a bit short on seeing lately. . . So what’s the talk saying about this Jesus prophet fella?

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