Dear 1056689B-3

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 139:1-4

Humorous skit tells of how we are all special to, and intimately known by, God.
“He is calling us all by name”
In todays society, we are so often referred to as a number ( or identified by a number) anything from taking a number at the deli counter, to our social insurance number. God knows us by name, knew us before we were even formed in our mother’s womb. The relationship is personal and intimate; we are never just a number with God.
Useful for women’s ministry meetings and retreats, or for general use.

For pictures from Calvary Church, Guelp, Ontario who performed this piece, click here

Bible Reference:         Psalm 139: 1-4

Cast:              3 (female, any age)
168999 is a technologically “with it” person

Set:                blank

Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard

Props:            laptop computer

Special Instructions:   Character 168999 is a brusque, no nonsense person, Brenda and Marie are sitting among the audience, come to the front with 168999 when their part begins.

Time:             7 minutes

Sample of script:           


168999  comes on stage, moves to table at front

168999:           Good morning persons. Since we are rather slammed for time this morning you will forgive me if I skip the usual pleasantries and meaningless small talk and get right down to issues.
Now as all of you individuals are aware, this organization is moving ahead swiftly with our 176 niner niner niner 724 niner 8 initiative. You have all been briefed on the implementation plans and schedules so no need for taking any time on that aspect of . . . . .

Brenda, raises hand, speaks:   
Excuse me . . . but I have never heard of this initiative . . could you please . .

168999:           Pardon me, what do you mean you haven’t heard of Initiative 176 niner niner niner 724 niner 8?

Brenda:            Sorry, but this is all news to me . . .

168999:           How is that possible? . . . What is your number?

Brenda, confused:       
My number? . . . You mean my phone number?  . . . It is area code 982  . . .

168999, annoyed:       
No, no, no! . . . Our Digitally Recorded Input Person does not rely on phone numbers, new logic is much beyond those limiting indices . .

Brenda:            “Digital Recording Impulse . . .” whatever you said . .  what is that?

168999:           D – R – I - P . . .

Brenda:            Excuse me! . . . Are you calling me a drip? . .  What’s with drip?

168999:           It’s not a matter of what persons do with D – R- I – P  but rather what D – R – I – P does with persons.

Brenda:            D – R – I – P? . . .  Persons? . . . (looks around) . . . Am I the only one here who has not one clue what is going on?

Marie:              Well, I wasn’t going to say anything but I have no idea what this is all about.

168999:           I so wish all of you persons would listen to your B – U – R – P!

Marie:              Listen to our . . . burp?

168999, annoyed:       
Briefing Update Report for Persons, it is sent to you daily. . . Now then, (to Marie) . . What is your number?

Brenda:            My guess is she isn’t looking for your phone number.

168999:           Persons! . .  We are wasting time! . . . Where is your D – R – I – P?

Marie:              I will have you know I do not appreciate you talking about my husband that way!

168999, frazzled:        
Persons! . . .How are you identified?

Marie:              By my name . . .  I am Marie.

Brenda:            And I am Brenda.

168999:           How quaint . . . But in this day of modern technology there is no place for that unwieldy and technologically limiting antiquated system of person identification. Am I to believe you haven’t processed your S – P – I – T?

Marie:              Processed our spit? . .  Ewwwwww!

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