As Much As It Is Possible

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Hebrews 12:14

Theme:            There is a biblical principle that sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, we can't live at peace with everyone. We have to do everything in our power from our perspective to live at peace. But sometimes we just need to accept that, after we've tried everything we can. peace is simply not possible because the other person is not willing. At that point we just need to accept that fact and move on.
This drama shows cousins in this predicament.

Bible Reference:         Hebrews 12:14


Cast:                3 (male or female, late teen to any age)
Red, unreasonable


Set:                blank set with a table and chairs, can be dressed up to indicate a cafe.


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard


Props:            play money


Time:            4


Sample of script:           


Red is wiping table, watches with a scowl as Ted and Fred come on stage,


Ted:                 Was so nice of you to call me to join you here at the coffee shop, have a cuppa Fred.


Fred:               Well, it’s been a while Ted, have been meaning to give you a call, see how you’ve been doing.


actors sit at table, Red comes over, no smile


Red:                Yeh, what’ll it be?


Fred:               Oh hey there Red, good to see you. . . I’ll just have a cup of coffee, black, no sugar.


Ted:                 Make that two please Red.


Red:                Last of the big spenders aren’t you? . . . Folks come in my coffee shop, sit around half the day, nursing a coffee, take up a table, figure it’s all Ok ‘cause we are . . (makes face) . . family!


Fred, laughs uncomfortably
Well we are cousins Red.


Red:                And based on that biological accident I am expected to be servant to the rest of you guys.


Ted:                 So how’s the family Red?


Red:                Dysfunctional.


Ted, very uncomfortable:      
Uhhh, so how is business?


Red:                Sick.


Fred:               Sorry to hear that Red. . . (looks around) . . Seems as though you are busy, lots of customers.


Red:                Ton of customers, I am run off my feet, but try to hire help nowadays . . . You none to fivers, you got it made, haul home your fat paychecks, not a worry in the world!


Ted:                 Sorry you are having troubles, could maybe we help you out a bit, I mean, families do stick together.


Red:                Oh sure! . . You guys come in here, no training, you slip and fall in the kitchen, claim you are hurt and sue me for a gazillion dollars! . .  Thanks but no thanks!


Fred:               That’s not fair Red, Ted was only trying to help out . . we all are.


Red:                Oh I get it! You guys figure I need charity! Poor, poor Red is what you are saying!  Look, I don’t have time to entertain family, some of us work you know. . . I will go bring your coffee . .  Will my finest crystal satisfy your majesties?


Ted:                 Look Red, I could go pour our own coffees, you are busy.


Red:                Oh now there’s an idea! . . . You go drop my new PerkMaster coffee pot, I am out the profits for the next week!

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