Church Event Announcement

Theme:            Puppet Skit for Fall Festival created for a DramaShare member. We can provide an announcement script for your church, school or ministry, contact us

Bible Reference:        


Cast:                3 puppets


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Props:              paper with announcement of Fall Festival


Time:             5




Slam comes on stage, doing exercises, puffing and moaning


Slam:              Man this exercising is the hardest part!


exercises a few more seconds


Slam:              There, that should do it, I am ready.


Slam stands up straight then suddenly falls over, moans, struggles, repeat fall a couple of times

Moe and Jo come on stage, watch as Slam continues


Moe, to Jo:     I am guessin’ it would be out of place to ask what he is doin’?


Jo:                   Think you hit a home run on that one Moe.


Moe:               I s’pose that could maybe get painful after a bit, couldn't it Jo?


Jo:                   Should we maybe check, see what he is up to Moe?


Moe:               Hate to disturb him Jo, seems like he’s gettin’ lots of enjoyment outta knockin’ hisself out.


Slam more vigorously falls to the floor


Moe:               Ouch! . . . That for sure could bring major pain!


Jo, to Slam:     Excuse me. . . .  Excuse me. . . . Sir?


Slam falls to the floor even more vigorously


 Jo:                  Calls for major intervention!


Moe:                When I was in the army my superior was Major Attraction.


Jo:                   Try to stay focused Moe. . . .
(to Slam)
Sir . . sir . .  I really do think you oughta think about cease and desist.


Jo:                   Is there some particular reason for  . .  doin’ whatever you are doin’?


Slam:               Well I should think that would be plain for all to see, obvious.


Jo:                   Likely should be plain to see, obvious why for you are smackin’ your head on the hard floor . . . but sometimes the obvious is like cloudy.


Slam:               Well if you must know I am in basic training.


Moe:                If that is basic I’m not sure I want to see advanced.


Jo:                   Training for what exactly?


Slam:               Fall Festival.


Jo:                   And Fall Festival is what exactly?


Slam:               Not sure, I saw the sign at the (name of) Church, thought I would join in.


Jo:                   And you figure the Fall Festival is all about . . .


Slam:               Well, I should think it should be obvious . . . falling . .  duh!


Moe:                Ever think it might mean a festival to celebrate fall?


Slam, laughs:   Hey that’s rich! . . . Celebrating fall huh? . . (pause, look at Moe) . . . Oh you are like serious? . . .  Uhhh . . .  No, likely not that. . .  A festival to find the best guy at falling is the thing. . .  and that would be me. . . . (falls hard)


Moe:                I don’t think I caught your name.


Slam:               Name’s Slam. . .  Slam Dunks.


Jo:                   I’m gonna guess you’d be into basketball.


Slam:               Nope, me, I’m a pro baseball player actually.


Moe:                Of course you are.


Jo:                   As luck would have it I see organizers have posted a note here. And it proves beyond all shadow of doubt that Fall Festival has nothing to do with falling.


Moe:                Says here they are gonna have vendor booths.


Slam:               As I recall she’s a sister to Marianne Booths.


Jo:                   Gonna be all kinds of music and food.


Moe:                Something called Trunk and Treat.


Slam:               Do you know what goes  . . . 99 clunk?


Moe:                Not even an idea.


Slam:               Centipede with a cast on a broken foot.


Jo:                   Where’s this Fall Festival goin’ on?


Moe:                (your location).


Slam:               Hour and a minute north of (major center) I see on Wikipedia.


Moe:                Says it’s at (name of) Church.


Jo:                   Quaint white church.


Slam:               Quaint white . . .  that’s off white with a hint of peach as I recall.


Moe:                Pastor (name). . . . Pastor(name).


Slam:               (names of 1 or more church members) taught me all I know about falling. (falls hard)


Jo:                   When’s this event comin’ down?


Moe:                Say’s here it’s (time and date).


Jo:                   Folks will be comin’ from all over the county.


Slam:               Far away as (another town in the area). . . .  They all come back home, ya know what I mean?
Back to (something significant that has happened locally).


Jo:                   All I can say is . . . best be here for Fall Festival.

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