Doing Drama2

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 12:6

Theme:            An effective drama for recruiting new members to your drama team, particularly targeting senior citizens

Bible Reference:        Romans 12:6


Cast:                4
Janine – mother
Rebecca – daughter of Janine3, wife of John           
John – husband of Rebecca
Adam – young son of Janine


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Time:             5


Sample of script:           


Adam:             Hey, how are you?


Janine, not really listening:  
What? . . . Oh, yes.


Adam, confused:        
You are . . . yes?


Janine:            Oh sorry, I guess I was preoccupied.


Adam:             I got preoccupied in my video game once.


Janine:            How can you get preoccupied in a video game?


Rebecca:         This should be good.


John:               I can see this one coming.


Adam:             Video game was Occupy The World, and before it got started I was . . .


Janine:            Don’t tell me . . . pre . . . occupied. . .  Very funny. But that doesn’t help me. Thing is I am looking for folks to be a part of our drama team at Parkville Family Church of the Nazarene.


Rebecca:         Hey, see you around sometime . ..  gotta be goin’!


John:               Me too, I am sure I heard my phone ring at home.


Rebecca and John start to move offstage


Janine:            Where exactly are you going Rebecca?


Rebecca:         I think I heard my Mom call me.


Janine:            You may have forgotten, I am your mother and I didn’t say a word. And John . .. . your phone is in the shop if you remember.


Adam:             You guys are smooth! . . .  Not!


Adam starts to move offstage


Janine:            And just where do you think you are going young man?


Adam:             Well everyone knows you have to be one year older and one inch taller than me to be an actor.

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