Caring For God's Little Ones

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 27:3

Theme:            A short skit, (with humor), to be used for recruiting workers in the church nursery ministry. A formalized children’s protection program is mentioned, called “Plan To Protect.” Replace this name with the name of the program used in your church.


Bible Reference:          Psalm 127:3


Cast:                2 (m or f)


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Props:              desk, chairs, papers


Time:              4


Sample of script:


Don is sitting onstage at desk, reading some papers

after a few seconds Sue cautiously comes onstage, approaches Don


Sue:                 Excuse me, I was to speak with someone from HR. . . .


Don, stands, extends hand:    
Please come on in, have a chair. . . . I am Don, the Human Resources manager.


Sue sits


Sue:                 I’m Sue. I understand you’re recruiting workers in your Junior Clients Department.


Don:                Yes, we are. We have a wonderful opportunity for a dedicated individual, preferably one with experience in the area of positive growth development.


Sue:                 Well I do have my degree in marketing. And I have good secretarial skills, can type 175 words per minute and have experience in Word, Excel and web design.


Don:                Well those skills could possibly come in handy along the way. But can you handle it when a first time client cries and wants to go home?


 Sue, shock:     Your clients cry?


Don:                Well, you have to realize, sometimes it’s separation anxiety when their mom drops them off with strange people.


Sue:                 You . . .  have . . . strange .. . . people working here?


Don:                Well, when it’s the first time the clients have been out things may seem strange until they get acclimatized. But moving on, how are you at telling stories?


Sue:                 You tell stories to your clients?


Don:                Yes, and we sing songs, play games, depends on what our clients enjoy.
And, of course, we have to ensure that our clients have quiet time and a nap.


Sue:                 You have places for your clients to sleep?


Don:                Oh yes, each client has his or her own little bed.
And we need to be sure we look after things when our client has an accident.


Sue:                 Don’t your clients look after their own accidents?


Don:                Realize some of our clients are really just like brand new.


Sue:                 Exactly what kind of accidents are we talking about here?


Don:                We get the whole range! . . .  Could be a simple matter of the client spitting up.

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