All In On All

  • Cast Number: 12
  • Run-time: 9 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 16:8

Theme:            The focus of the skit is “All in.”  Being “all in" our faith, helping others, sharing God’s love, making a difference in world, or even if it is being on a sports team.


Bible Reference:          Psalm 16:8


Cast:                12, likely teens, male or female


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Time:              9


Sample of script:


group come onstage, talking rapidly


Alex:               So my bud Harry says, “Wanna head to Larnell’s place?


Ashley:            Larnell? . . . Where from did that name come, like, Larnell, that for sure is like . . .


Bailey:             I’m all in with ya on that Ashley . . . like really, name’a Larnell, for sure lame . . .


Brett:               Larnell . . . sounds like “doorbell”, . . . whose gonna . . .


Ryan:               Well, gotta tell ya, I am for sure down on mostly any old name, but fact is . . . Larnell, like, really?


Dallas:             Once I had a friend, name’a Columbus . . .


Jordan:            I am all there on Columbus but . . . Larnell?


Madison:         Me too, I am all over Columbus, says something, seems like . . .but . . .


Robin:             Larnell, that makes my brain go all squirrely!


Taylor:             Not sure where you guys are headed, me, I’m not sure why you are all over name’a Larnell, I mean I would be all in on goin’ to Larnell’s with Harry.


Robin:             Shhhhh! . . . Here comes Harry now, and he’s got somebody with him, don’t want Harry all annoyed at us!


Harry and Darnell come on stage


Taylor:             Hey Harry, who is your friend?


Harry:              Like you guys to meet my friend Larnell. . . .  Larnell just moved here with his folks and he’s all there on getting to know you guys. I been stretchin’ the truth some, tellin’ Larnell you guys are mostly OK people.


Various voices:          
Hey Larnell . . . Good knowin’ ya Larnell . . Nice ta see ya Larnell . . . Welcome to the neighborhood . . . etc


Alex:               Welcome, welcome, Larnell, so where y’all come in from?


Larnell:            Me and my family we moved here from San Francisco.


Ashley:            San Fran? . .  Wow, me I’d be all over livin’ in San Fran, how’d they force you guys to come way across country to here?


Larnell:            Well San Francisco is all good but Harry here, he’s been showin’ me around, I like what I see, Harry tells me you got a first rate b-ball team here, so I’m all in on that.


Bailey:             B-ball? . . . You’re all in on basketball? . . .


Larnell:            24/7 is what! . . . My team took bronze at state finals last year, was a blast!


Brett:               Oh man Larnell, we are all there on doin’ a recruit job on you!


Ryan:               Yeh, some’a these guys they don’t know b-ball from horseshoes but some can actually hit the basket so long as there’s a strong wind at their backs.


Madison:         Funny, funny!


catcalls from the others


Larnell:            Sounds good, maybe we can sometime go shoot a few hoops maybe?


Dallas:             We mostly get together Sunday morning for basketball, for sure you are welcome.

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