Called To Forgive

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 4:32

Theme:            Forgive one another. That’s what we always say, but not so much what we always do. Lack of forgiveness hurts everyone involved, yet things won't be resolved until it happens, the hurt will only be prolonged and intensified.


Bible Reference:          Ephesians 4:32


Cast:                5, likely young, male or female


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Time:              3


Sample of script:


Parker, Riley, Jordan & Dakota onstage, talking


Parker:             I am for sure looking forward to this!


Riley:               Me too, I haven’t been lawn bowling in . . .  never actually!


Jordan:            You’ll love lawn bowling Riley.


Dakota:            When these guys first suggested lawn bowling to me, I was like, no one does lawn bowling except old seniors dressed in plaid shorts. . . But the first time bowling I was hooked!


Parker:             What’s keeping Kendall? . . . We will miss our game.


Kendall comes on stage


Kendall:           So sorry guys, I ran into an old friend and we kinda lost track of time. . . . I gotta say that Marco is one interesting person!


Dakota:            Marco? . . . Please tell me you aren’t talking about Marco DeMental . . .


Kendal:            His name is Marco DeMurtry!


Dakota:            If I knew you were seeing . . . DeeMurky . . I would have asked you to check if he has found my very favorite book . . . which I loaned him and which he lost!


Kendal:            Dakota, that was like four years ago and Marco replaced the book!


Dakota:            The book I entrusted to Mario’s care had special comments on the inside cover.


Kendall:           Give me a break! . . . All that was on the inside cover was . . . “Recycled at New To You Bookstore.”


Dakota:            Fine but the message was in a special archival ink.


Parker:             Sounds to me Dakota like it’s about time you forgave Marco.


Dakota:            I did, long ago.


Kendall:           Sounds like you may have said you forgave him, but you are still carrying the anger and hard feelings.


Dakota:            Say it like it is. . .  I am still mad, of course I am.


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