Dearest Friend

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 25:11-13
Who is your best "Friend" A thought provoking comedy about a gift being purchased for a "friend" that is hardly known, probably because the time hasn't been taken to get to know this "friend".

Sample of script:

Monologue - woman (any age), everyday clothes. No special set. or props necessary. Actor may want to have her purse over her shoulder, as she is going out shopping.
This woman is speaking directly to an imaginary audience member. She is an average personality, (not shy yet not dynamic, either.)

(Looking up from her purse.) Oh, hi! You just caught me on my way out. I was going to go get a gift for my best friend. No particular reason for the gift, one of those 'just because' gifts, I guess. Well, I'd better get going before the stores close. See you! (Starts to exit the stage and then stops quickly as if 'someone' from the audience has asked her a question.)

Who is she? Oh well (smiles) I never call her by her full name. I just call her "Pal". Have you ever met her? (Pauses.) She's great! We've been friends for (struggling) for . . . well, for years! And she's so pretty! She's this tall (motioning different heights with her hand because she can't quite remember how tall her friend is), and she has blond-ish, brownish, hair (thinking) or there might be a tinge of red to it. Well anyway, I know everything about her. Her birthday is . . . (thinking) right around mine and her favorite colour is turquoise - (thinking) well, I'm pretty sure it's some shade of green . . . I think.

(Smiling) She sure is terrific. Why, we tell each other everything! I told her every little detail about my new car and I also told her all about my month-long trip to Romania last April. She's the best listener. (Looks out into audience and gets defensive.) Oh, don't get me wrong - I listen to her , too! I mean (pause) a while back she went to (struggling) somewhere in Europe for a week or two, and (confidently) I listened to every word!

(Smiling) She's just so wonderful, you know? I mean whenever I'm down or worried about something, she'll just listen and not judge. (Thinking.) I think she's tried to offer advice occasionally, but I don't really recall. (Looks into audience as if they are upset with her.) Well it's okay you know. It's just the kind of relationship we have. She's just a listener, she likes to keep to herself, (thinking), I think. (Puzzled.) You know, I really haven't heard her voice very often. Well, (shaking it off), she must be just quiet, that's all.

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