Chews Brothers Series

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 115 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 2

A silly 5 part comedy puppet drama series on making choices, useful for VBS or childrens club activities, can also be used as standard drama with live actors.
Hubbabubba, Bubbalucy, Bazookabob, (who are the "Chews Brothers), and Norma are competitors on the bubblegum blowing circuit, (do ya get it . . bubblegum . . Chews . . . get it?) Poor Bazookabob is in rehab from a bubblegum blowing accident.
Part 1: I can choose to worship. We are blessed in having the freedom to worship and can use that freedom to worship Jesus, Gods own Son.
Part 2: I can choose to thank God. We can choose to thank God for the many blessings he gives us each day.
Part 3: The A B C s of becoming a Christian We can choose to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour
Part 4: How can we know Jesus is real? One way is by reading the Bible.We can choose to believe that Jesus is real.
Part 5: Before Jesus returned to heaven he gave instructions to his disciples, instructing them to tell other people about him so that others too may be saved. We can choose to obey Jesus instructions.

Sample of script:

Bazookabob comes on stage, looks around, nods head, positive, makes noise like a whistle. Hubbabubba and Bubbalucy come on stage, in a rush

Bubbalucy: You called coach?

Bazookabob: Yes, I did call, you heard my whistle, and you know my whistle means, “will the competitors come forward!”

Hubbabubba: Hey, well here we are coach, all ready for training

.Bazookabob: I assume you have done your warmup exercises?

Hubbabubba and Bubbalucy doing pushups, exercises

Bubbalucy: These exercises are sure tough, I mean . . .

Bazookabob, makes noise like a whistle: Whoooooeyoooooooo!

Hubbabubba: Whaaaa, what’s wrong Coach?

Bubbalucy: Yeh, what’s wrong, I mean we were doing our exercises, just like we are supposed to do, like this . . .

Hubbabubba and Bubbalucy resume doing pushups, exercises

Bazookabob, makes noise like a whistle: Whoooooeyoooooooo!

Hubbabubba: Whatever is it coach, what for are you “Whoooooeyooooooooing”?

Bazookabob: Might I remind you of the competition we are training for?

Norma comes on stage, annoyed

Norma: What is all the noise out here all about? And who are you guys?

Bubbalucy: We are . . .Bazookabob, Hubbabubba and Bubbalucy, chew several times then say together: .. . . The Chews Brothers!

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