The Ultimate Price

  • Cast Number: 17
  • Run-time: 45 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 5:6-10

Why did Jesus have to die?

Cast 17
With the exception of Jack and Hayden, (who are used throughout the play) an actor could take on multiple parts. Thus an actor could be the Father in Scene 2, the Teacher in Scene 6 and a police officer in Scene 8. This is useful if numbers are limited.

Set Of the 9 scenes, only 4 require any set. These 4 scenes could be constructed quite elaborately, or more realistically it could be kept simple. This decision is largely up to the producer setting realistic expectations for what time, money and talent permit. Finally, it would be handy to have a stage curtain, so while Jack and Hayden are talking, the set can be changed.

Costumes Judge outfit for Scene 4
Teacher’s gown for Scene 6
Bloodied garments for Scene 8
Police outfit(s) for Scene 8

Sound Trains and railroad noise for Scene 2
Sound of grinding cogs for Scene 2
Sirens and shouting for Scene 8
Song to be played at the end

Lighting Roving spot
Soft light to illuminate the rear of the stage
Possibly a red light to signify danger and guilt in Scene 8

Last word This play is a dramatisation of stories that have been moving around Christian circles for a long time. As such, I hereby acknowledge that the 4 principle stories within this play are not of my own construction, and the work of this play is an attempt to bring these stories to life.

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Scene 1

DSC – The curtain is still drawn on the stage and Jack is standing in front of it. He is highlighted by a single spotlight and is just concluding his personal testimony with his bible in hand.

Jack So yeh, I saw for the first time that Jesus died……for me! And he died for you as well.

Hayden (Standing up in the crowd) What?

Jack (Smiling) A question Hayden?

Hayden So someone dies a long time ago. What does it prove? Fair stretch to say he died for YOU.

Jack Hey, I reckon I understand where you’re at. I didn’t grasp it for ages. (He scratches his chin) How can I better explain it? (He paces back and forth, obviously deep in thought) Come down, I wanna show you what I see.

Hayden What, you gonna make me see the light!

Jack Well maybe not, but I’m gonna pray that you do, and I’ll be praying for you others as well. (Hayden has come up next to Jack by this time)

(Here Jack prays for everyone gathered).

Jack (Addressing Hayden) There was once a railway worker that took his son to work with him, to show him the ropes. He was looking forward to it. You see, they had planned to do this for a long time. Just watch what happened that day.

(Jack and Hayden retreat into the shadows at the edge of the stage and there is darkness)

Scene 2

A signal tower that overlooks the railway is DSL. CS are a series of cogs that drive various mechanical mechanisms. Father and son enter stage from USR and make their way around the cogs as they head for the signal tower.

Father There is so much to show you today Tim.

Son Should be great. How many trains will come by?

Father Plenty (Patting his son on the back) There’s one due in a few minutes, and then, if you’re lucky, you’ll see two at the same time…going in opposite directions!

Son Wow Dad! (They reach the tower and both climb up)

Father Look Tim, here comes the 9:40 express.

Son Man is that moving! (They both look out at the audience as if seeing a train and in unison track it with their eyes until it is obviously out of sight.)

Father You’ve got some time now and I’ve got some work to do. How about you check out the place a bit – but for goodness sakes, keep away from the tracks!

Son Thanks Dad, I’ll be careful. (He climbs down from the tower and walks toward the audience. He keeps looking back at the signal tower and finally his father sees and calls out)

Father Not near the tracks Tim!

Son OK Dad. (He saunters off to look around the yard and is intrigued by the cogs – eventually climbing down into them).

Father Tim, come quickly. The two trains are due here shortly. (He peers around the yard looking for him)
You’ll miss out on pulling the lever to change the tracks! Oh well. (He puts his hands on a big lever and glances around once more – his eyes fixing in horror on the cogs)

Tim, get out! Tim wake up! Tim! Oh Tim, Tim! I gotta pull the lever, or the trains will collide! (He is frantic and begins rushing around the tower and looking between the tracks and the cogs)

No time! (He looks with horror at the two trains coming in opposite directions.) It’s either all those people aboard the trains (He looks toward the trains) or it’s my son! (He grabs the lever and, weeping pulls it)
(Blood-curdling screams come from the cogs and he resignedly watches the two trains go by without danger)

Father My son, my dear son! (He breaks down weeping)


Scene 3

Jack and Hayden remain DSR and have a single spot on them.

Hayden Wow! That was heavy stuff. But how does that relate to Jesus dying?

Jack Well, firstly, it’s just a story, but there’s certainly one point worth making. Lots of people were headed for tragedy if the father didn’t sacrifice the life of his son. In the same way, God’s Son, Jesus, died so that we wouldn’t meet with eternal destruction.

Hayden Yeh, fair enough. But if God is so powerful, why couldn’t he just save us without Jesus dying?

Jack Top question. You’re obviously thinking this through. You see, it’s like this, our wrongdoing can’t just be ignored or covered up. Maybe the next story will help you understand. It’s called “The trial of the judge”.

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