See My Palm Branch

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew :1-9

Theme:            Someone important is coming into town and the interest is growing stronger. Some people come through a sense of commitment and pure interest, others are caught up in the hysteria and drop out when doubts creep in.
This drama can be used at any time including Palm Sunday.


Bible Reference:         Matthew 21:1-9


Cast:                3 (m or f)


Set, Sound:      standard


Costumes:        This drama could be traditional or contemporary, costume to fit your intent


Props:              palm branches


Time:             5


Sample of script:


Mary & Jaimie come on stage, excited, pick up palm branch


Mary:              Isn't this exciting?


Jaimie:            He should be here any minute.


Tommy comes on stage, curious, watches Mary & Jaimie


Jaimie:            The crowds are starting to fill in, we are fortunate we got here early Mary.


Mary:              Well Jaimie, we were warned there would be a big turnout, it’s the talk of the town, the whole region actually.


Jaimie:            Seems everywhere he goes the crowds get larger and the excitement grows.


Mary:              Well Jaimie, the people are excited, but the authorities not so much, more like angry and upset with what he talks about.


Tommy:           Excuse me,  . . . mind me asking what you guys are doing?


Mary:              Waiting.


Jaimie:            He will be here soon.


Tommy:           Waiting for who exactly, and what’s with the tree branches?


Jaimie:            Everybody has heard of the marvelous things he has done.


Tommy:           Well, count me as out of the loop, I have no idea what you are talking about!


Mary:              Where have you been? . .  Surely you heard about what happened at Bethsaida.


Jaimie:            The huge crowd . . . and everyone was fed.


Mary:              And if that doesn’t convince you then surely you heard what happened at Bethany.


Tommy, laughs:         
Oh I get it! . . . A bunch of guys and I were joking about that last night.


Mary:              Joking? . .  Why would you joke about something like that? . . Thousands have seen what he can do.


Tommy:           Seriously? . .  People have been there and saw it first hand?


Mary:              Thousands.


Tommy:           You mean . .  credible people?


Mary:              Thousands of people could hardly be wrong.


Tommy:           Well . .  I guess . . .  maybe. . . .


Jaimie, looks downstage, excited:     
See, there the crowd is coming now! . . 


Mary, shouts:  You are the most blessed! . . .


Jaimie, loud:   And you bring blessing to our city and everyone within!


Tommy:           Wow, this is really something, listen do you have a spare tree branch for me?


Jaimie hands a palm branch to Tommy, who waves it vigorously

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