Try a Little Gentleness

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Colossians 3:13
A young person, an ex-convict with a background of drug abuse, tries coming home to start all over, and is met with not quite open arms.
The importance of accepting someone who has paid for their crime, and is in need of a second chance; forgiving as Jesus does.

Sample of script:

Jan walks to center stage and stands alone. A group of people are standing at opposite side of stage, speaking quietly.

Margie walks up to Jan with a pitcher in her hand offering to refill her drink

Margie: Hi, like some more tea?

Jan: Oh, thank you.

Margie: I'm Margie. Are you new around here?

Jan: I'm Jan, glad to meet you. I'm sort of new around here, I lived here as a child, thought I would come back for a fresh start in life.

Margie: Oh that's nice! Well we’re glad to have you back, have a seat.

Jan: Thank you. It's so nice to be back in town! I almost forgot what it was like to live in a small community.

Margie: Oh, why did you move away?

others come closer, speaking among themselves quietly, then start listening to Jan

Jan: After college I had a job opportunity that seemed to good to pass up. You know, big money, big city, big apartment, all the glitz and glamour … (fades off into deep thought).

Margie: Wow and now you have decided to come back here?? (notices ankle bracelet). What is that?? (pointing to at Jan's ankle)

Jan: Oh, this. (sighs, looks at ankle) Well, I got mixed up in the party scene and before I knew it I was experimenting with drugs. I got caught one day with some illegal prescription drugs I had bought from a so called friend. To make a long story short I ended up going to the state pen and now I'm on probation and have to wear this lovely anklet.

Margie: OK, but . . I heard that drug users almost always go back to using. And they try to talk others into doing drugs too. Drug users even steal from their families to support their disgusting habit! I can't believe you came back here to live, we don't need any druggies here, go back to your big city. You'll never make it here, the cops know who you are and they'll be watching you. (she gets up to walk away)

Jan: But that's not true, I never stole from anyone, and now that I'm off the drugs I'll never take them again, I learned my lesson.... Wait, you don't understand…….. (Margie storms away).

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