Give Him An Inch

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:11

The triumph of good over evil
"Give Him An Inch" is a short comedy about the struggle between good and evil, and the ultimate triumph of God. 

Keywords: good, evil, Satan, devil, Heaven, Hell, struggle, spiritual warfare.


Cast:             2 males, any age (starting from mid/late teens)

                      The Devil

                      St. Peter


Set:                 Open stage – no special background
The scene is the boundary between Heaven and Hell, divided by a series of parking cones. 


Props:           Parking cones, tape measure/yardstick, earbuds, “official-looking” document


Costumes:    Street clothes okay, although “Devil” should wear outlandish clothing (wild-patterned surfer shorts, backwards cap, t-shirt -- perhaps of a locally-disfavored sports team; the more comic the better).  Robe okay for St. Peter, but not required


Lighting:       One side of the stage should be brightly lit (Heaven), the other side dark (Hell).  “Eerie” red glow (firelight) could emanate from “Hell” side, but not required


Sound:           Muted “screams” and “wails” coming from “Hell” and proceeding the “Devil’s” entrance, but not required.


Special  instructions:

Stage should be “divided” by the parking cones.  It would add to the effect if the “Devil” sings either off-key or in a voice completely antithesis to Mick Jagger (i.e., Bob Dylan).  Skit should be played as broadly camp as possible – the funnier the better.


Sample of script:


Devil emerges from "Hell" side of stage, wearing earbuds, holding tape measure, dances happily, sings horribly OFF-KEY


DEVIL:           Please allow me to introduce myself,

                        I'm a man of wealth and taste….
(at center stage measures imaginary line slightly past Hell's boundary, continues to sing)
I've been around for a long, long year,

                        Stole many a man's soul and faith…


PETER emerges from Heaven side, trudges wearily towards Devil, look of pained frustration.  Peter has obviously been here many times before.  Devil is oblivious as Peter approaches, still dancing with his measure and singing.


DEVIL:           Pleased to meet you

                        Hope you guess my name...


Peter stops nearby, frowns at Devil briefly, waiting to be acknowledged, finally waves a hand in front of Devil's face.  Devil jumps back with look of alarm.


DEVIL:           Doggone it, Pete!  Don’t sneak up on a guy like that!  You scared the me out of me!


PETER, wearily
What are you up to now, Lou?


DEVIL, gestures to tape measure
What, this?  You know that little boundary dispute we’ve been having?


PETER:           You mean the one we’ve been having for the last what, twelve millennia?  It does ring familiar, unfortunately.  What about it?


Devil pulls piece of paper from his pocket, hands to Peter with flourish.


DEVIL:           Well, I finally had a survey done, and I was right.  My border is too far off.  I'm adjusting it even as we speak. 
(pointing towards Heaven) 
That way.


Devil puts earbuds back on, continues to dance and sing, moving one of the parking cones further towards Heaven. 


DEVIL, sings: I can’t get no satisfaction…


Peter reads paper, frowns in obvious disbelief, looks back up at Devil


PETER:           Six inches?


DEVIL smiles, nods


ST. PETER, more incredulous
Six inches?


DEVIL:           You got it.


PETER, completely unhinged
SIX INCHES...!!!???


DEVIL, pulls off earbuds:     
Hey, it may seem paltry to you, but I need every single bit of space I can get.
(jerks thumb toward "Hell")
I'm overwhelmed back there.  I got tons of new souls pouring in every day, the furnace is going 24/7, I’ve had to hire more imps, and don't even mention the cost of brimstone -- it's worse than oil!


PETER, rolls eyes:
What do you want, sympathy?


DEVIL, grins, taps earbuds
Why not?  I get it from the Stones.


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