The H Factor

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 10:28
The truth about hell, and it's no laughing matter. By Elaine Morrison

Videos: Video Clip #1 Outline Video of Sean and a few friends seated in an auditorium watching a Christmas concert/pageant. Sean is bored and distracted. Clip should only be about 40-60 seconds probably with minimal speaking between characters. (director’s note: the video shot should be on Sean and a few friends at all times. Only the sounds of Christmas in the background, with convincing ‘decorations’ surrounding Sean)

Video Clip #2 Outline Video of Sean and friends at a coffee shop enjoying fellowship. Conversation steers toward Jesus and two friends try to share with Sean who is resistant and annoyed.

(director’s note: Keep the video on the group tight. Don’t try to use wide shots of the location, circle the group if possible choreographing speaking roles to face the camera when necessary. Speaking parts can be adlibbed, allow the group to create their own natural conversation(s) leading ultimately to a salvation message.)

Sample of script:

Darkened stage, sound of a car screeching and crashing is heard. Lights up.

Sean: (arms chained to stage floor) Where am I?

(enter Demon with clipboard)

Demon: Ah…a new arrival…welcome.

Sean: Where am I? Who are you?

Demon: My name is insignificant. Where you are, is. Welcome to your eternal resting place (looks at clipboard) ah…Sean is it? Welcome to hell, Sean.

Sean: Hell?? Are you for real? Is this a joke?

Demon: Believe me…this is no joke.

Sean: What gives? What am I doing here?

Demon: Still shell shocked I see. Hmmm. Well, if you need an explanation, I shall give it to you. You died. This is your new home.

Sean: I died? (remembering) Oh…(pause)…oh!! What about everyone else? There were others in the car with me!?

Demon: (checks clipboard) No. No one else came with you. Either they didn’t die, or they went in a different direction my friend. But my concern or should I say duty is to take care of you, and enlighten you…so to speak.

Sean: Enlighten me? This isn’t making sense! Why am I chained here. Why can’t I move?

Demon: The chains? Not that you are able to go anywhere…now that you are here, you have no where else to go! (Laffs) You see, you are in hell. Eternal damnation? The house of fire? Satan’s playground? This is it my friend, you are stuck here forever!

Sean: This can’t be right!? Why me? What did I do wrong!?

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