The Shepherd King

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1Samuel 16:1-13
David is selected as King by Samuel. David became one of the greatest Kings to rule the people, and an ancestor of Jesus.

Sample of Script:

Narrator: Once upon a time, in a country far away, there lived an evil king, his name was King Saul. King Saul was so cruel that the people cried out to the Lord to send them a king who would be more kind.There was a man who worked in the temple, his name was Samuel. Samuel was a man of God, he talked to God everyday. Samuel tried to encourage the people to live good lives and to obey the laws which God had set out for them.

One day, when Samuel was crying out to God about the injustices which King Saul had laid on the people, God told Samuel to find a person to be king of the country. God told him to go to Jerusalem where he would meet a man named Jesse, God said that one of Jesse’s sons would make a very good king.

When Samuel arrived at the place where Jesse was staying he found the whole family gathered and he . . . . .

actors come on stage, excited.

Eliab: Did you hear what the visitor told Father?

Abinadab: Yes, he told Father that one of us would become king of all this country! That sounds just plain silly, I mean, how could anyone think that a king would come from our family?

Shammah: I’m with you guys on that. Even though it would be great to be a king and have everyone bow down to me, I somehow can’t see that happening. Besides, I flunked the course on Advanced Jewish Royal Protocol. And I have a very bumpy head, I can’t see a crown balanced on my head, it would just fall off.

Eliab: I think they use double sided tape.

Shammah: Wouldn’t that smart? Hey, this king thing looks like it could have it’s downside.

Abinadab: Not too often I agree with you little brother, but you are right on with that one.

Eliab: I can tell you that neither of you will ever be more than dishwashers at the Kosher Deli downtown. Not going to happen. King? I don’t think so! Who is this man to make such a statement anyhow?

Rebecca: Listen children, the visitor is none other than Samuel, a prophet of God. And if he says this is what will happen, it will happen! Now then, daughters, let’s get busy, we must make a special meal for our distinguished guest!

Zeruiah: Mom, when one of my brothers becomes king can we get a servant to make the meals?

Abigail: I agree, after all, how would it look, our brother a king and here we are acting like common servants, I mean, what would the king’s subjects say? I sure don’t want to be the cause of civil unrest throughout the entire kingdom, all because I wanted the right to work and slave. I’m willing to make the sacrifice, I will just lay around and be served from now on!

Zeruiah: And while we are at it, I could use some clothing as befits royalty. “Wardrobe by Next To New Shop” doesn’t reflect my dear brother’s kingly status!

Abigail: You know, I think I can handle this royalty thing! (looks down nose, points at unseen person) You, slave, go get my royal foot bath prepared. And you, fetch my new diamond studded recliner.

Zeruiah to Abigail: Dahhhling! Too bad you couldn’t come with us to the south of Mesopotamia next week, a group of us rich and gorgeous young socialites will be jetting away by luxury camel train. You would find it simply divine, dahhhling!

Shammah: Nice try girls! When I become king I shall have to treat everyone equally, which means that you will have to work just like everyone else. No special perks for any of my subjects, I shall be fair, just . . . . and really great looking, as you can tell! Notice my left profile, gorgeous, huh?

Abinadab: When you become king, Shammah? And just what would make you believe that it would be you who Samuel will choose? And great looking? Uhhmm, no!

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