The Story of Job

  • Cast Number: 14
  • Run-time: 55 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Job
Job and all his friends. Many trials and disasters come Job's way. Many people question how Job can remain faithful to a God that causes these things to happen. Job is an example of the faith we need to understand and to endure.

SCENE 1: Anywhere you like

N: Let me tell you a story.

F: Right! Once upon a time…

N: No, not a fairy story. It’s true.

F: Honest injun?

N: Yes.

F: Gospel true?

N: Exactly!

F: Cross your heart and hope to die?

N: Shut up and listen!

F: OK. [Strikes a listening attitude]

N: There was once a man called Job. Spelt J-O-B

F: Like an odd job man?

N: No, he was a foreigner. Foreigners sometimes have funny names. His name was Job. Spelt “job” pronounced “Jowb”.

F: Right! A foreigner with a funny name.

N: Job came from a country called Uz, spelt U-Z.

F: Pronounced "Ooze".

N: No, just "Uz".

F: Just Uz two you mean?

N: Don't be daft. Just listen to the story, will you!

F: OK.

N: Now Job was a very good man.

F: [to the tune of "Old King Cole"] And a very good man was he!

N: Stop interrupting! As I said, Job was a really good fellow. Religious, but not goody-goody.

F: I used to know someone like that. He was always trying to convert me. But he was ok if you kept him off the subject of God. He wasn’t a hypocrite like some of them.

N: Yes, Job was like that. He was stinking rich too - a farmer. Had thousands and thousands of animals - camels, sheep, cows, donkeys.

F: Plenty of dosh too, I bet!

N: Expect so. He also had seven sons and three daughters.

F: Big family!

N: Yes, children were counted as wealth, especially boys.

F: My kids make me poor, not rich! Always wanting something. Cost me a fortune.

N: Anyway, because he was so good, Job was a special favourite of God's…

F: Do you have to drag God into this?

N: Yes, I do. He's the whole point of the story.

F: I thought a point was something in maths. My maths teacher said that a point has "position, but no size". That means it doesn't exist! I thought you said this wasn't a fairy story.

N: God isn't a fairy story, he's real! And this story is to do with him as well as Job, so if you want the story you have to have God as well!

F: All right, all right! Don't get excited! I'll keep an open mind about God for now.

N: If you keep it too open your brains will fall out! Or are they gone already?

F: I shall ignore that remark!

N: Where was I?

F: This good old fellow called Job, who lived in a place with a funny name. Who was stinking rich, and had ten kids and lots of cows and things. See! I WAS listening

!N: Right. Well one day, when God was in heaven, the Devil turned up. His other name is "Satan" which means "Enemy", because he is.

F: Spare us! What, horns, tail and all?

N: Forget the horns and tail. The Devil's a kind of spirit, not a fellow in red tights.

F: Like in "The Exorcist”, you mean?

N: Maybe something like that. Though I think he and his mob can put on any disguise they want. Like an angel, or a friendly Alien, or someone's dead granny visiting from "The Other Side", or even a mystical "Healing Force", if it gets results.

F: You mean Spiritualism and stuff is really the Devil doing it? Bet he didn't try that with God.

N: No, God would see right through him. Anyway, in comes Satan, right into the Throne Room of heaven, bold as brass.

F: What a nerve!

N: And marches straight up to God's throne…


A number of ANGELS stand chatting, or quietly busy - for example as secretaries or messengers, serving wine, or standing guard. Some are playing various musical instruments. Perhaps something of the flavour of an oriental court, (without the glitz). GOD is seated on a throne. He is the real focus of everyone's attention, even while going about their business. There is a sudden hush, then a shocked murmur, as SATAN enters, brushing aside the startled guards. He trails a cloud of sulphurous smoke behind him. Some of the angels cough or hold their noses.

GOD: [Not at all put out by this intrusion] Well, Satan, what do you want? Where have you been?

S: [Defiantly - trying to hide a fear he would never admit] I've been down on Earth, looking over my estates there. It's a comfort to know I still have a little corner of the universe to call my own. [bitterly] No thanks to you!

G: Not quite your own, I believe, not even there. Haven't you noticed a man called Job? He will never be yours.

S: And why is that? Because you wrap him up in cotton wool! Look at him - rich, successful, happy. You protect him so well I can't even give him the occasional bad dream or row with his wife! I had hoped to get at him through his children - not such goody-goodys as their dad, but the old man will keep on praying for them all the time. And you answer his prayers! It’s not fair! Of course Job's good! How can he be anything else, the way you look after him? He knows which side his bread is buttered. If you took away his health and wealth he would curse you to your face, you know that!

G: I know nothing of the sort! Job isn't like that.

S: All right, prove it. Let me get at him - you'll see what he's really made of!

G: [with a slight sigh] Very well, you may take away his wealth, and everything he has, but don't touch Job himself, or you will have me to answer to. Is that clear?

S: Yes thank you. That will do nicely! [EXIT SATAN]


SCENE 1: NARRATOR and FRIEND, as before

F: Cor! That Satan's a nasty piece of work! Though I don't understand why those guards didn't do a better job of keeping him out. God ought to give them the sack!

N: Well, before he was thrown out of heaven, Satan was a V.I.A. They were probably a bit scared of him.

F: What's a V.I.A? Another of those funny foreign names?

N: It stands for Very Important Angel! Like a V.I.P.

F: Oh, so he was thrown out of heaven?

N: Yes, he wanted to be God instead of God himself.

F: Started a revolution, did he?

N: That's right.

F: Well why should God keep all the power to himself, like some dictator? Why does he let little children die? Or let people be put in prison for things they didn't do? What about little old ladies getting mugged? That reminds me - we were going to take the kids to Blackpool on Sunday, and it rained all day! Do you think God was being deliberately mean? Perhaps he was getting at us for wanting to enjoy ourselves on his special day!

N: You've forgotten Satan. He does a lot of the horrible things that happen, or gets people on his side so they do things for him. The Earth is still mostly his territory, as the story says.

F: Why doesn't God stop him? Bet he could if he wanted.

N: He has his reasons.

F: You don't know! Admit it!

N: All right, I don't really know. I do know that God won't let Satan get away with it. One day, he'll come and put everything to rights, including us. He is the Judge, you know!

F: Not sure I like the sound of that! Too much like, "Big Brother is watching you"!

N: I don't think it will be quite like that. God will be absolutely fair when he judges us.

F: I like the sound of that even less!

N: He's got a plan so he won't have to send us to join the Devil in Hell - if we would only accept his offer, that is.

F: There's bound to be a catch somewhere! These special offers always have a catch.

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