The Woman and the Wise Man

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 7:36-50
Forgiving. Simon and Eli, both moneychangers in the temple, hosted Jesus in their home. The woman was the only one who offered what she had. Her beautiful hair and a bottle of precious perfume were her only gift to give.

Sample of script:

Narrator from the darkness: Now one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him, so He went to the Pharisee's house and reclined at the table.

Lights up.

Two men in biblical costume are standing talking at Upstage Left, gesturing toward the table. At the table, just out of sight of the audience, a man, (Jesus), is reclining. Only his legs and feet are visible to the audience.

Eli: Why have you invited this person into your home, Simon? Tell me, what do you know about Him?

Simon: This man is the prophet who has been preaching in the temple, Eli. You know, the Nazarene. The one they call Jesus, the one some claim to be the Messiah.

Eli: Yes, I know full well who He is and who He claims to be! But, I ask again, what really do you know about Him? Why would you bring a troublemaker into your house? And then to invite me to come and break bread with this, this, person! If I had known of your house guest I would not have come, er, begging your pardon friend Simon!

Simon: Truly you are upset Eli! (thinks, smiles) It wouldn't be, ah yes, indeed! I heard that the prophet had set free the doves and the goats in the temple area today. And I heard too that He had overturned the tables of the moneychangers! Tell me friend, Eli, would it have been your livestock that the prophet set free? And would it have been the tables of your rich father-in-law, Joshua Ben Naman, the moneychanger?

Eli: Laugh if you will Simon! But we, the traders and the moneychangers at the temple are respected business folk, providing a needed service to those who come to worship! And what can you say of this Jesus who you so kindly invited to your dinner table?

Simon: What I say is that He is said to be a doer of impressive miracles, as when in Capernum He turned the water into wine.

Eli: "A doer of impressive miracles." The countryside is full of magicians, astrologers and the like. We Pharisees do not open our homes, that all magicians may come dine with us! But, what else do you hear, pray tell!Simon: I hear that He is a mighty preacher, widely acclaimed for His sermons in the synagogues throughout our land. Everyone is praising Him for His marvellous understanding. As was said of Him when He preached in the temple in Capernum, "He speaks as one who knows the truth, not just quoting the opinions of others".

Eli: Widely acclaimed for His sermons, is He? Acclaimed, as in His own home town of Nazareth perhaps, where He was fortunate indeed to escape without being thrown off a cliff! More credentials, perhaps, friend Simon!

Simon: I hear of the wonders He has done in releasing men from demon possession. I hear that once, while teaching in the synagogue in Capernum a man possessed of a demon began to shout at Jesus. "Go away, Jesus of Nazareth! I know who you are - the Holy Son of God!"

Eli: Simon, Simon! Surely you must know by what authority a demon would know the Nazarene! Would it not have crossed your mind that it be most likely that a follower of Beelzebub would be known by another follower? Really, Simon, you ought to better think these things through, before taking riffraff for a meal partner! However you entertain me, friend Simon! What more great things do you hear?

Simon: I hear that Jesus heals sickness,

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