They Have To Know

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 28:19
Many Christians feel they are following all of God's commandments while living their daily lives. However, a lot of them seem to forget that God wants us to follow another commandment - baptism. Baptism could be one of the most powerful evangelism tools we have, if only we would be faithful in doing it!

Sample of script:

Scene opens as George enters, running, from stage right. He is very excited, looking all over to see if anyone is around.

George, very excited: What a day, what a day! Anyone here? I really have to see someone, quick! I am so excited! Anyone? Where is everyone?

Sally enters from stage left.

Sally: What is all the commotion about, George?

George: Oh, Sally! I am so glad to see you! I was hoping I would run into someone, but since you’re here, you’ll do!

Sally, thinking: Thanks, I think.

George: Oh, Sally, I can hardly stand it! I am so excited!

Sally: Slow down, slow down! You’re going to pass out, if you don’t breathe soon!

George: Okay, (breathes deeply), I think I m all right now. (Pauses for a moment, then instantly gets excited again.) Oh, Sally, oh, Sally! You just won’t believe this!

Sally: Believe what? I would sure like to know what it is you are so excited about?!

George: If you only knew how amazing this was!

Sally, very calm: Well, George, I can think of a way where we can both be excited.

George: Really? How could that happen?

Sally, shouting: You could just tell me what’s going on!

George, hurt: You really didn’t have to shout, you know. You could have just asked what has happened.

Sally: I’m sorry for yelling, George. But, I just really want to know what it is that has made you so happy. I mean, you seem like a totally different person!

George: That’s it, Sally! That’s it! I am a totally different person.

Sally: Well tell me what made you so different?

George: Okay, I will! Here I go! I am telling you now! Here it is! Hold on to your hat! This is huge . . .

Sally, yelling as she interrupts: Tell me!

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