Value of Labor

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Deuteronomy 14:29
The value of labour, the need for us to be productive and contributing members of society.
Useful for Labor Day

Sample of script:

Jim: Good to see that day over and done with, I tell ya!

Frank: It was a good day, wasn’t it Jim?

Jim: Good? Guess you’re right Frank, it’s good now that it’s over.

Frank: Did you hear the boss say we are four days ahead of schedule on this project? That really feels good to know we are getting the job done!

Jim: Helloooo! Figure it out, we are four days ahead of schedule, that means we are out four days pay by the end of the project. Best thing that can happen to us is to fall badly behind, extra coin in our jeans.

Frank: There’s three more projects lined up when this one is done. Besides, the boss is always good about sharing the reward with us when we come in ahead of schedule and under budget.

Jim: You really do buy in on that management malarkey don’t you?

Frank: What happened to make you so negative, Jim?

Jim: What happened to make you so gullible?

Frank: I don’t consider myself gullible at all, Jim. If you will remember I was on the union negotiating committee when we settled our last contract.

Jim: I wouldn’t be too proud of that if I were you, Frank! Management took us working guys to the cleaners on that one I tell ya!

Frank: How do you figure that one? We settled for four percent higher than industry standard.

Jim: Yes, and old Bill Armstrong, he’s got to be a millionaire off the sweat of my brow.

Frank: No crime in having a millionaire for the owner of the company. Bill Armstrong is a good boss, he’s fair, he’s honest, and he kept us all on staff three years ago when things were slow.

Jim: This makes me sick. The way you talk we are overpaid and under-worked.

Frank: I’ve never said any such thing. As it says in the Bible, a worker is worthy of his hire. I give a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. I am proud of that.

Jim: Maybe you never noticed the temps that moved in today?

Frank: The temporary workers? I saw them. What’s wrong with them being here? It is all covered in our collective agreement.

Jim: Yes, well like I said, that contract is fifty-fifty all down the management side. I could use the extra money, rather than give it to those temps!

Frank: The temporary workers are making two dollars an hour less than you are. And besides, you are given first right to overtime. Last I noticed you haven’t ever signed up.Jim: Look, I work my eight hours,

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