Tin Can Faith

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 2:9
Someone is out gathering up "things" so he can be "good enough". Earning God's blessing which was free all along. Learning that good works alone will not give you Salvation. Faith and good works are needed. We mustn't boast.
(A person is alone on stage, carrying a large sack over his shoulder. There are several empty cans [pop, soup, etc...] strewn around the stage. Each time he thinks of a good work he has done, he picks up another can and puts it into his sack. Throughout the course of the scene, the bag gradually becomes heavier.)
Walt: (Thinking out loud) Oh yeah, and there was the time I returned that wallet I found. (Finds another can and picks it up and puts it in his bag)...and the time I let my little sister win in Candyland...(picks up another can)...and...and...OOOhhh, I almost forgot about that time I came to a complete stop (picks up a can) Um, I think that's worth two (picks up another can). Now, what else, what else...
Joshua: (Enters from off stage and sees Walt talking to himself) Excuse me friend, whatcha doin?
Walt: (So deep in thought he barely hears the question) I'm sorry, what?Joshua: Whatcha doin= on the ground there?
Walt: (Still preoccupied) Looking for... Oh, there was that time in college I could have cheated twice but only cheated once (picking up a can) thats gotta count for somethin=.
Joshua: I=m sorry, I didn=t hear what you said. You=re looking for what?
Walt: What? Cans. I=m looking for cans.
Joshua: May I ask why?
Walt: Why?
Joshua: Yes, why?
Walt: Listen, I don=t mean to be rude, but I=m kinda busy right now. Could we talk about this later?
Joshua: As you wish. (Stands and watches)
Walt: I never killed anybody (picks up a can). In fact, think of all the people I wanted to kill but didn=t (picks up several cans as he lists people) the guy at the grocery store, my brother-in-law,...Madonna. Now we=re getting somewhere.
Joshua: And where is that?
Walt: I beg your pardon?
Joshua: I=m just wondering what it is your doing?
Walt: I told you before, I=m collecting cans.
Joshua: Yes, I know. But why?
Walt: I=m not gonna get rid of you am I?
Joshua: Not easily, I=m afraid.
Walt: (Puts down the bag) Very well. It so happens I owe someone some money, and I=m collecting these cans so I can recycle them and redeem them to pay my debt. Understand?
Joshua: Not entirely. How much do you owe?
Walt: (Loudly) The ninth commandment!
Joshua: I beg your pardon?
Walt: At least I think it=s the ninth commandment. ADo not covet your neighbor=s wife.
Joshua: Yes, so?
Walt: Have you seen my neighbors wife? I=m sure I=ve kept that one.
(Picks up a can)
Joshua: You were saying.
Walt: I=m sorry, what was the question?
Joshua: You have a debt, Yes? (Walt nods) How much do you owe?
Walt: I=m not sure.
Joshua: Well, how long until you have collected enough junk to pay it back?
Walt: That=s kind of a grey area as well.
Joshua: When do you have to pay?
Walt: Not sure.

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