They Didnt Know Human Video

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 27:22-31
Human video, (mime to music), to "They Didn't Know" song, (from the "One Church" CD by Kurt Carr), tells the story of Jesus going to his death for us, the pain and sorrow of his suffering, and the triumph of his resurrection. No music or video.

Sample of script:

Special instructions: actors will speak, (or mime speaking), the words of the song The actors, (not including Jesus), will be on stage in form of a “V” with the actors who are down-stage closer to the audience being spread wide, (the wide part of the “V”) and the two actors at upstage location are approximately six feet apart. The purpose for this is to form a kind of route down which Jesus will walk, “the dusty Jerusalem road”.

The “V” should be sufficiently wide that most people in the audience will be able to see Jesus when he stands between the two actors at the most upstage position, (if this is not happening you will need to widen the “V” more so that Jesus will not be hidden from the audience).

Plan this so all actors will be looking upstage prior to the first line of the song. At the very beginning of the first line all actors will quickly rotate their heads only toward the audience, (all actors will turn their heads toward center stage, so that the actors on stage right will turn their heads to stage left, the actors on stage left will turn their heads to stage right).

The result of this from the perspective of the audience is that the actors on the left and right sides of the “V” will be looking at each other, looking over their shoulders, somewhat at audience. Immediately after rotating their heads, actors will extend their center-stage foot, (weight on off-stage foot), and slide outstretched foot in an arc along the floor until that foot is directed to a slightly offstage from center location.

(In other words, the feet of the actors will be spread wide and will end up standing on the imaginary line formed by the upside down “V” which they are forming on stage) The upper bodies would be pointing totally downstage, looking now at audience.

Lyrics and script:

action: all actors come on stage, moving in slow and deliberate ballet-like moves, long strides, arms making large movements, body in a forward kind of stance Still in ballet moves move to a kind of “V” formation as mentioned in Special Instructions

Jerusalem on a dusty road.

action: Jesus comes on stage at extreme upper centerstage (If there is no entrance point at upstage Jesus will have been on stage prior to the beginning of the piece, frozen and as inconspicuous as possible). Jesus slowly walks down into the “V” between the two most upstage actors, who turn to look at him

An innocent man condemned to death.

action: the two upstage actors point their extended index finger of centerstage arm toward Jesus the faces of the two actors show hatred and scorn Jesus will slowly move a step or two downstage in the middle of the “V”, and the two upstage actors will follow just behind and slightly to offstage position from Jesus

Bore a cross on His shoulders.

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