Sunday School Hands

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Deuteronomy 34:9
This comedy deals with the ongoing need for more Sunday School workers in the church, pouring their lives into others, making a life-long difference in the lives of the next generation

Cast: 4, any age, male or female

Props: large box and several large hands drawn on heavy paper

Pronunciation: Hoshea (ho-she-a or ho-zee-ah)

Sample of script

Tracy and Robin come on stage talking:

Tracy: So anyhow, Pastor Bob told us we would need a minimum of six new workers in the Sunday School department if we were to properly look after the growth in this part of the city. All I have is one possible, Mabel Arnold, and she has no teaching experience.

Robin: Well Pastor Bob said the same thing about music ministries, he says we need to move to an additional contemporary worship service, and you know how Pastor Bob feels about overworking people. So we need at least two new workers in that area.

Tracy: Well, that’s all well and good to say, but where do these workers come from?

Robin: Exactly, seems as though some people feel you can just snap your fingers and volunteers come along, eager to serve.

Tracy: Fact is, it’s a new reality we are into, what with people working two jobs to make ends meet, pressures at work and at home. Just not as many people able to be volunteers nowadays.

Tony comes on stage struggling to carry a big box

Tracy: Hey, Tony, can I give you a hand?

Tony: No, thanks for the offer, but I think I should have lots right here in the box.

Tracy, confused: Lots of . . . ?

Tony: Well, . . . . hands. Isn’t that what we were talking about?

Robin: Most people carry their hands on the end of their arms, Tony, not in a box.

Tony: Yeh, but these are for laying on.

Robin: You are planning to lay on your hands?

Tony: Sure am! Good enough for Moses, good enough for me I should think.

Tracy: Now I am confused. You are saying that Moses slept on his hands?

Tony: You aren’t making sense Tracy, who said anything about Moses sleeping?

Tracy: Fine then, you didn’t say he slept on his hands, but you did say he laid on his hands.

Tony: Certainly did! And that’s how old Hoshea was empowered!

Robin: Hoshea?

Tony: Yep, Moses’ assistant. Some know him better as Joshua but I have always thought Hoshea sounded way cool.

Tracy: So, you are saying that Joshua or Hoshea or whoever laid on his hands?

Tony: Can’t say for sure that Hoshea did, can’t remember reading that in the Bible, but for sure Moses did, that I can guarantee!

Robin: Mind telling me why Moses laid on his hands?

Tony: No one less than God Himself told Moses to lay on hands.

Tracy: And the reason for this advice would be . . ..?

Tony: So as to get a new worker, and to empower him.

Robin: Any idea how long Moses was able to lay on his hands at any one time?

Tony: Not real sure, doesn’t say specific in the Bible . . . my guess is likely until Hoshea was empowered.

Tracy: Would have thought Moses’ hands would fall asleep, what with Moses laying on them and all.

Ellen comes on stage

Ellen: Hi, Tony, what’s in the box?

Tracy: It’s full of hands, Tony was telling us.

Ellen: Carry spare body parts along with you, do you Tony?

Robin: It apparently is a Moses thing, straight out of the Bible.

Ellen: Moses carried along a box of spare body parts?

Tony: Nooooooo! Moses laid on hands.

Ellen: Sounds a ton uncomfy.

Tracy: Tony tells us it was God’s idea.

Ellen: Care to elaborate on that just a tad, Tony?

Tony: It’s right in the Bible. When God wanted Joshua to lead the Israelites he instructed Moses to go lay hands on Joshua.

Robin: Oh, that explains the “lay on hands” thing.

Tracy: Now if someone could explain what’s in the box.

Tony: Hands. (Tony takes a large paper hand out of box) See, I made up hundreds of these hands.

Ellen: I seeeeeeee. On purpose or was it an accident?

Tony: Well Pastor Bob said we needed to recruit new Sunday School volunteers and leaders, and I tried and tried, but nothing. So I went looking in the Bible and found where God told Moses that Hoshea would be the new leader and for Moses to lay hands on him. So I figured this might work for me, I am gonna go . . .

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