Where's The Line To See Jesus?

  • Cast Number: 26
  • Run-time: 120 minutes

Where’s The Line To See Jesus?


Two Act Musical Drama


Written by Lee Brubacher and Karen Cowley




Number of actors: 26


Runtime: 120 minutes


The idea for this presentation was birthed out of the video and song, “Where’s The Line To See Jesus,” sung by Becky Kelly found on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OExXItDyWEY  The author of this drama, Lee Brubacher, was given permission by Steve Haupt, the author of the song, to use it as the basis for this play. Mr. Brubacher was interested in seeing this musical drama used by others and therefore approached DramaShare to publish.

This 2-Act,, 120 minute musical-drama with intermission has been created for full acting cast, choir, soloists, and orchestra (or could be minimized to a 5-piece band). Several of the actors need to be singers too. This production has a Broadway feel with the songs built in as part of the acted-out storyline of the play. Over half of the songs have been written by the author and their drama director, Karen Cowley. Sheet music is included in this package for the songs which they have written. The remaining songs are common cultural/Christmas songs and would need to be sourced by individual churches online or in music stores.


A Stage/Set design map is included in this package.


The author created an opening video for their own use based on the YouTube video, combined with footage of their actual actors. We suggest that those who stage this drama do the same.


For a sample of this script click here


We ask that you inform DramaShare when you stage this drama in order that we can let the authors know where their drama is being used.


May God bless your ministry, dramatically!


The DramaShare Team


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