Sweet Eva From Flanders

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 50 minutes

Told in fairy tale fashion, Sweet Eva from Flanders is a melodramatic, allegorical look at the grand themes of the Bible: creation, fall, consequences, repentance, redemption and restoration.  Eva van Handerprupel is a fine young lady until she meets Molde Maallegrooven, who coaxes her to sign a contract with him that promises her everything, but delivers only misery.  In succession, Eva’s rebellion and pride cause her to miss out on Disneyland, the title of Miss Belgium and all her money.  Finally she ends up in a dungeon with no hope of escape and only dirty water and moldy bread for sustenance.  But when Eva hits “the bottom” she calls out for help from above and our story has a happy ending. 

Sweet Eva from Flanders is designed for a week long day camp setting with an evening meeting on the final day, but can be adapted to a weeklong camp situation or even adjusted to be seen in one sitting.  Simple directions for either option are included in the script.  It is a delight to act and to see, and should be a memorable experience for the actors, while making a lasting impression on the audience.


Twelve characters: three men, eight women, one story teller of either gender


Running time: approximately ten minutes per episode or about thirty-five minutes as a one sitting play


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