Upgrading Perfection

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2.Corinthians 11:14

Theme:            The Maker’s creations are designed to be the very best in every way, and this is certainly true of God’s ultimate creation: humans. Yet human nature being what it is, we question our worth and our perfection and many are willing to do anything to look better, be smarter, be greater in our own eyes.
This drama is kind of a takeoff on Misfit Toys of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer fame. A toy truck, a doll and a toy dog have concerns about the looks and capabilities which were given to them by their creator, Judah. Enter Pester, Judah’s nemesis who offers the three toys the opportunity to upgrade what Judah has designed into them. In spite of warnings to beware the smooth talking Pester and his accomplice, two of the toys place their trust in the evil Pester.
Useful at Christmas or any time of year.

Bible Reference:         2 Corinthians 11:14


Cast:                7
(3 of which may be actors but are written as inanimate props)
Judah – the Creator
Captain Pat – assistant to Judah
Pester – enemy of Judah
Kocomo – assistant to Pester

Tony the Truck – toy
Beth the Doll – toy
Sylvester the Dog - toy


Set:                  can be as dressed up as desired but blank set is all that's needed


Lighting:       some form of lighting which pinpoint the individual toy when that toy “speaks”
This could be lights on the individual toy prop or a close spot on the individual toy


Sound:           The lines from the toys may be pre-recorded or live from offstage


Costumes:     this is left up to the director


Props:            toys: oversized truck and doll, large dog, various other Christmas toys


Special Instructions:  


Time:             30


Sample of script:           


At Stage Left Capt is proudly busy polishing up various children’s gifts and toys

Let this play for a short time


Capt:               Wow, these here toys Judah made are pretty awesome!
(looks at Tony the Truck)
Just look at this awesome truck! . . .  Amazing is what!


V of Tony:       Thanks Captain Pat! . . . I am Tony the Truck, and I for sure am amazing, you got that right!
Have a look at my construction! . . . Solid and reliable!


Capt:               I can see that for sure Tony, that is some powerful engine you have under the hood!


V of Tony:       Like my Maker, Judah, said . . . . I am a . . . classic!


Capt:               A classic indeed! . . . As is every toy Judah creates!


V of Tony:       And I can go fast as you’d never believe! . .  Wanna see me race around the block?


Capt:               Perhaps later Tony . .  perhaps later.


V of Tony:       No, I mean it I will just . . .


loud engine noise and screeching tires, Capt covers his ears


Capt:               Shut that off Tony!


V of Tony, loud:         
Sorry Captain I can’t hear you, too much noise!


Capt, louder:   I said . . . .  Shut that off Tony!


V of Tony, loud:         
Sorry Captain but I can’t hear you . . I will have to turn off my engine.


engine noise stops but Capt doesn’t notice and keeps yelling


Capt, loud:      I said . . shut off the eng . . . . . Oh I guess you did. . . That’s better.


V of Tony:       Sorry Captain Pat . . maybe I was just a little too loud . . .  but us big trucks, we are just naturally really noisy. . . .  Like this here super air horn Judah gave me!


Capt:               Super horn . . . whatever is a super horn?


V of Tony:       Us big trucks, we have super loud air horns.


Capt:               And why would trucks have super loud horns?


V of Troy:       Not just super loud horns . . .  super loud air horns. . . See like this . .


SFX:                truck air horn


Capt covers his ears, makes a face


Capt:               Tony that horn of yours is way too loud!


V of Tony:       Super isn’t it? . . . My crowning glory you might say. . . Just like all the other awesome toys Judah created here Captain Pat! . .  Take a look at the other trucks here too . . . None quite as powerful and well designed as me, you understand. . .  But good . . . very, very good!


Capt, turns to Beth:    
And this doll! . . . Name is Beth. . .  Wow, how beautiful you are Beth!


V of Beth:        Thank you Captain Pat, but don’t forget it was Judah that designed me and created me . . . . (pause) . . . and I am beautiful, . . .  don’t you think I am beautiful Captain Pat?


Capt:               Yes for certain you are beautiful Beth . . . And for sure Judah did a mighty fine job in designing you!


V of Beth:        Judah he always does a fine job of designing! . . .I mean . . he always does . . .  doesn’t he? . .  .


Capt:               Judah is the very best designer and builder of toys there ever was! . . . But you seem a little unsure of what Judah can do . . . and even more unsure about your own design and good looks.


V of Beth:        Well, I mean . .  Judah did give me a really wonderful laugh . . .


SFX:                girls laughter


V of Beth:        Don't you think that is a really wonderful laugh Captain Pat? . . .


Capt:               Indeed a very wonderful laugh Beth.


V of Beth:        I mean . .  maybe my laugh is just a little too high and maybe if I . .


Capt:               Whatever are you saying Beth? . . . Why I do think that your laugh is just about the nicest laugh I have ever heard in my whole life!


V of Beth:        “Just about the nicest laugh?” . . . So you mean you have heard better laughs than mine . .  is what you are saying?


Capt:               Beth I am shocked! . . . You have a gorgeous laugh! . . . Judah designed that laugh just for you . .  and everyone knows Judah does wonderful work!

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