• Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 90 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2.Timothy 1-7

Theme:            A 4 part / scene drama with finale. This script was written as a VBS / Children’s Summer Activity but could easily be used as a Dinner Theatre script.
Two Children’s web show producers were started under the same roof but became bitter rivals, one (Famous Productions) creating questionable secular shows and the other (Unstoppable Productions) struggling to create quality Christian content.


Bible Reference:         2 Timothy 1-7


Cast:                9 (m or f except Gord who should be m)
Gord – Producer
Satin – Assistant Producer
Patti – actor
Jenna – actor
Adam – actor and puppeteer (doesn’t need to be a good puppeteer)
Michael – actor
Ruth – actor
Mary – actor
David – actor
Ralph – actor (first 2 scenes only)
(optional) additional actors as camera operators, techies, etc., non-speaking


Set:                  Set is a stage for television, can be as plain or as elaborate as available/desired
Stage right is for Unstoppable Productions, stage left for Famous, much of the action will take place at center stage, between right and left stage


Lighting:         sufficient light control that right or left stage can be highlighted while not leaving the other in darkness


 Sound:            as available


Costumes:       standard clothing for all except Ruth who is flamboyantly dressed


Props:              simple hand puppet Skeeters


Special Instructions:  
We suggest the use of sign language for the theme word each scene and also selected words in songs sung. The children will be taught the proper sign for each theme word, and cast plus leaders will perform the sign each time that word is used in the performance, the children will be encouraged to sign as well.
The actions for the signs have been researched from the signingsavvy.com website and DramaShare has received approval from that organization for DramaShare’s use of their materials. If our customers wish to use the signingsavvy materials beyond this they should contact that supplier directly.
Sign for REAL:
right hand index finger extended, up to face, then bend at elbow straight ahead
Sign for PEACE:
right hand in left hand, left hand in right hand, hands out to sides, palms down
Sign for FAITHFUL:
right fingers touch right side temple, right hand strikes left hand once, again strike left hand once with left hand fingers middler and ring finger spread
Sign for HOLY:
right hand extended, palm up, left hand pointer and middle finger extended, palm up, sweep outward across right palm

Note: We suggest songs such as those we have identified or others as selected by the director. Rights to use the songs will have to be purchased by the individual director.
Which songs are used, and the amount of each song used, will be up to the discretion of the director, based on time and interest
We suggest a moderate to vibrant movement to all songs as they are played, not so much Human Video as simple swaying, clapping in beat to the music.

Unstoppable by Elevation Worship

Signs for unstoppable, This is two words rolled into one):
NOT: https://www.signingsavvy.com/sign/NOT/3968/1
STOP:  https://www.signingsavvy.com/sign/STOP/699/1
right hand in fist with thumb up, thumb touch under chin, arm moves forward, as right hand goes downward it strikes open left palm in a chopping motion

Best Day Of My Life by American Authors
No specific signing words, cast and leaders will move to the beat of the music and encourage children to do so

Ain’t It Fun by  Paramore
No specific signing words, cast and leaders will move to the beat of the music and encourage children to do so

Forever Faithful
Sign for FAITHFUL:
right fingers touch right side temple, right hand strikes left hand once, again strike left hand once with left hand fingers middler and ring finger spread

Life Is A Highway
see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvdJkfrqXWo

Poor Poor Pitiful Me
see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd2_LKoTYKw

Peace Like A River

Holy, Holy, Holy! (Doxology)


Throughout the script certain words may be signed by all actors, this will help keep the attention of (particularly) the younger children.

UNSTOPPABLE: (This is two words rolled into one):
NOT: https://www.signingsavvy.com/sign/NOT/3968/1
STOP:  https://www.signingsavvy.com/sign/STOP/699/1

PRAISE: https://www.signingsavvy.com/sign/PRAISE/8348/1
right index finger to lips, applaud, lift both arms in praise

GLORY: https://www.signingsavvy.com/sign/GLORY/1403/1
right hand palm downward, fingers out except middle and ring finger down, drive middle and ring finger into left palm, raise right hand with fingers still in position



Time:             4 scenes are approx. 20 minutes each, finale is 10 minutes
Total 90 minutes




Day 1 – God Is Real


Song: Unstoppable is playing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gbd_8a8S3M )

After first verse Michael comes on stage carrying briefcase, takes pages and book out, thinks


Patti comes on stage right Michael, Jenna and Adam coming behind


Patti:                OK guys, hurry quick, we have a bunch to get done today!


Adam, holding Skeeter:           
I brought along Skeeter, he could be a big help.


Patti:                Adam! . . We don’t have time for a silly sock puppet!


Skeeter:           I beg your pardon! . . . I am shocked! . .  And hurt! . . I may be silly! . .  And I may be a sock! . . And I may be a puppet! . .  But the rest of what you said about me was entirely untrue!


Patti:                That is all I said Skeeter!


Skeeter:           A lot of famous people are talking about me! . . . Why just last week President Obama had a comment about me.


Jenna:              President Obama commented about you Skeeter? . .  What did President Obama say about you?


Skeeter:           President Obama said . . . “Skeeter? . . . Who is that?”


all others react with moans and catcalls


Adam, closes Skeeter’s mouth:
I think you should be Skeeter the silent puppet!


Michael:           This is gonna be so awesome!


Jenna:              I know Michael, just think! . . . Our own web show! . .  Cameras, sound, the whole works!


Adam:             Do you really think we can actually do it Jenna? . .  I mean creating a brand new web show, I mean . .  like we have never done anything like this before!


Jenna:              Adam! . . . We have done a whole bunch of planning for doing this and we are all set.


Michael:           I can’t wait to hear the guys at . . .  (mocking) Famous Web Productions . . . see what we are gonna do! They will have to admit they aren’t the only high quality web show around!


Adam:             Yes Ruth and David and the others are so high on themselves! . . .  Us guys here at Unstoppable Productions are as good as anyone at making a fantastic web show. We just need some better cameras and equipment.


Jenna:              Good luck on that. Our dear Assistant Producer Satin is giving everything to the Famous Productions team and nothing for us.


Patti:                I just wish Gord was here!


Michael:           I know! . . . Gord is our producer, I know we would get our fair share if he was in charge.


Jenna:              Why did Gord have to go and leave our Assistant Producer Satin in charge?


Adam:             And what kind of a name is Satin anyhow?


Satin comes on stage


Satin:               Hey guys, did I hear someone wondering about my name?  . . .  Got the name Satin on account my clothes are way above and beyond anything known to man . . or woman too for that matter!


Skeeter:           Thanks to you we have Halloween in the offseason!


Adam:             Shhhhhh Skeeter!


Satin:               You will make someone a fine pin cushion!
Anyhow, I can see all of you are impressed!
So, what’s happening today?


Michael:           Hey Satin . . . We are all ready to start shooting Unstoppable!


Satin:               Hey listen guys, I know you have worked hard on putting together your little web show, but I’m not sure you realize how much work there is to putting a quality web show together. . .  And if it’s not high quality it isn’t going to appeal to young kids.


Jenna:              We have the first four installments written.  . . But, I was gonna call you; we could use another camera.


Satin:               We don’t have any other cameras available. . . . And anyhow, the Famous Productions team are kinda using up all my time right now and , . . .


Patti:                Just let us show you Satin, I know you will be impressed and . . .


Satin:               I am sure I would be Patti, tell you what some day next week I will drop by and . . no wait, next week the Famous Production team has their photo feature, look I will get back to you and . . .


Adam:             It will only take a minute . .  Guys hit the music!


Music, actors dance and sing


Music:             Unstoppable God
Let Your glory go on and on
Impossible things
In Your name they shall be done (oh)

Nothing shall be impossible
Your kingdom reigns unstoppable
We'll shout Your praise forevermore
Jesus our God unstoppable


Satin:               Wow, you guys are for sure doing great!


Patti, to others:            See didn’t I tell you Satin would be impressed?


Jenna:              So can we get another camera so we can start shooting?


Satin:               I would love to but like I said, we simply don’t have any extra cameras kicking around.


Michael:           I don’t understand, you got 5 cameras for Famous Productions.


Satin:               But Michael, you have to realize that Famous are one of the top web shows on the planet!


Patti:                Are you saying we aren’t good?


Satin:               Patti, I am not saying that at all. But your show is new, and it needs some polish. Tell you what, I will see if I can get some of the Famous guys to pop by when they have some time, maybe help out, smooth down some edges and . . .


Michael:           So you are saying we “need some help, some edges smoothed down, need some of the Famous group to pop by”?
Thanks, no thanks!


Jenna:              Well, just hold on Michael, I mean, we welcome positive suggestions. . . Maybe, Satin, you could get some of the Famous crew to . . . pop by . . today and . .


Satin:               Today? . . . Surely you’re not serious, . . . I mean Famous Productions is in rehearsal for the cross country tour. . . . I mean . . could be when the tour is over we could likely . .  maybe . .  spare some guys for a day or two, will have to check on that.


Famous crew come on stage right, singing and dancing


Song:               Best Day Of My Life 


Satin, to Unstoppable:
See guys, I am not one to compare . .  but this is what you gotta have to be a top web show!


Ruth, laughs:   Don’t tell me the Unstoppables here are gonna try to stumble through a web show?


David:             These guys? . . . Tryin’ to be webbies? . . . Now that’s rich!

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